Finnish PM faces image crisis after dancing and singing at party in video

Finnish PM faces image crisis after dancing and singing at party in video

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The lowresolution photo shows a thin white woman in her 30s with brown shoulder length hair dancing with her hands behind her head and her mouth parted in a colorfully lit environment.

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Marin said he didn’t do anything that wasn’t cool

Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin is facing an image crisis after leaked video of her dancing and singing excitedly at a party.

In the shot, which appears to have been posted to social media, Marin and some friends, including some Finnish celebrities, can be seen dancing and singing.

Leaders of the opposition parties slammed the prime minister one of them demanding that she undergo a drug test.

Marin, 36, said he didn’t do drugs, just drank and enjoyed the party “loudly.”

‘The coolest’

Marin was named the “coolest” prime minister in the world by German news site Bild last week.

She was once the world’s youngest prime minister, and she doesn’t hide that she loves to party she’s been photographed at music festivals on a number of occasions.

Last year, Marin publicly apologized for going to the club after coming into close contact with someone suffering from Covid19.

Speaking about the incident, the Prime Minister said she knew she was being filmed but was upset that the video became public.

“I was dancing and singing and partying — absolutely cool stuff,” Marin said. “I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve used drugs or seen people using drugs,” he said.

Opposition leader Riikka Purra has urged Marin to undergo a drug test, saying a “shadow of doubt” hangs over the prime minister.

However, other opposition politicians have criticized both the prime minister and the media for talking about the party instead of dealing with more important domestic issues.

Marin told reporters, “I have a personal life and a professional life. And I have free time to spend with my friends. So are many people my age.”

She stated that she would not change her behavior because of the criticism.

“I will continue to be exactly the same person that I have been and I hope that will be accepted,” he added.

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Sanna Marin has been Prime Minister since 2019

The video received heavy coverage in the Finnish media justifying the use of the image of a specific moment as something of public interest.

Marin has been in power since December 2019 and continues to have her party’s support something necessary to remain prime minister in the parliamentary system.

“The reaction was polarized, like everything with Marin,” Robert Sundman, a Finnish journalist and commentator, told the BBC. “There are people who are shocked and there are people who say it’s normal for a woman her age to have fun with friends.”

“But one thing is for sure,” Sundman adds, “the party photos to date have not affected the popularity of her and her party — at least not significantly.”

He says political friendships with Finnish celebrities received a lot of attention as it wasn’t common among his predecessors.

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