Finland: PM under fire from critics after broadcasting videos showing her partying

Finland: PM under fire from critics after broadcasting videos showing her partying

Can a politician make a party, especially when she is at the head of a country? Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin has been heavily criticized on social media since videos of her partying were released on Wednesday. Some netizens suspect the prime minister of using drugs at the time, which she denies.

In these videos captured by Instagram, we see the 36-year-old Prime Minister singing, dancing and having fun. She is surrounded by other Finnish personalities. These are artists, photographers, animators or other political figures as listed by Finnish medium Iltalehti. In one of these videos, we also hear mention of the “flour gang,” with the “flour” being in the midst of cocaine addicts, the media explains.

“I have a family, a job, and sometimes a bit of free time to take advantage of my friends. (…) And I confirm it to you: I danced and sang, I hugged my friends and I drank alcohol, “defended Sanna Marin this Thursday, attacked by her critics for having a little too much fun . And the Prime Minister, right in her boots, to confirm that she will continue to have fun.

Already several controversies

“I never took drugs and I didn’t see any other participant that night who did,” said Sanna Marin, who was questioned by the journalists about the possible presence of drugs that night. “That’s why I have no problem taking a test,” she said, confirming her abstinence from illegal substances. “I have nothing to hide and I have done nothing illegal,” added the Prime Minister, who said these videos should have remained private.

As the Huffington Post recalls, Sanna Marin is not in her first controversy since taking office in December 2019. When contacted, she was seen at a nightclub and subsequently had to apologize. Isolate until tested negative. She has also been criticized for concert and festival appearances in recent weeks. Sanna Marin reiterated on Thursday: “I intend to remain the same person I have always been and I hope people will agree. We live in a democracy and there are elections to settle this type of debate. »