Finland interested in technology tenders in Costa Rica

Finland interested in technology tenders in Costa Rica

André had a meeting with his Finnish counterpart Pekka Haavisto as part of their attendance at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting, which has been held in this Swiss city since Monday and will end next Friday.

According to Costa Rica’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Finland is one of the leading countries in innovation and technological development, with advances in areas such as artificial intelligence.

For this reason, he specified, the conversation with Haavisto included the opportunity to explore fields of interaction in these areas, as well as in education, renewable energies, decarbonization of the economy and urban mobility.

He stressed that during the dialogue they found several points of agreement on their positions, especially on issues of human rights, democracy, the environment, digitization and sustainable development.

During the meeting, Costa Rica’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said ministers from the two countries also addressed multilateral issues that focused on opportunities for exchanges and assistance between nations, a theme convened this year by the forum in Davos: Cooperation in a fragmented world.

The informative source added that André had another bilateral meeting on his second day at the Davos Forum, this time with Will Marshall of geospatial company Planet.