Finland, a second video in Sanna Marin’s disco appears

Finland, a second video in Sanna Marin’s disco appears

In Finland, videos starring young Prime Minister Sanna Marin continue to take center stage, shot in an unprecedented informal version. In the last few hours, indeed, a new movie which shows the woman in intimate poses with an “unknown” man while dancing in the private room of a Helsinki club. The episode, according to the reconstructions, could date back to August 6th, the same weekend that hosted the private party at the heart of the first video that circulated on the Internet yesterday.

Controversy and criticism from the opposition


Finland, the video of Sanna Marin unleashed at a party with friends

According to a testimony given to the Seiska tabloid, the Finnish prime minister was spotted dancing quite amicably with at least “three different men”. Some media reported that Sanna Marin was in full swing over the course of this weekend. She was supposed to go on vacation, but then canceled the appointment without giving full powers to the secretary of defense, as has happened in other circumstances. In Finland, however, the case has already sparked heated controversy, with many commentators already siding with the prime minister. There was fierce criticism from the opposition. Petteri Järvinen, a cybersecurity expert, has raised the possibility that the Russians hacked the phone or social media accounts of someone close to the prime minister.

A drug test should dispel suspicion

Meanwhile, also to quench the fire of the controversy, the Prime Minister of Finland announced that she had undergone a drug test. The results of the same are expected next week, according to reports from the BBC. “I haven’t done anything illegal,” Marin defended during a press conference in Helsinki. “Even when I was young, I didn’t do any drugs,” adds Marin, noting that she took the drug test to clear up any suspicions about her person.