Find those 2 euros and earn 5,200 euros: that’s it

The 2 Euro has represented almost all of the single currency since 2002, the year the Euro replaced it in a similar fashion in all Eurozone countries. It is one of the most widespread and well-known coins, also thanks to the nature of the bimetallic alloy.

Find those 2 euros and earn 5,200 euros: that’s it

They are also the most collected and numerous recent European editions. Because since 2004, the European Union has allowed individual nations to produce commemorative versions of these 2-euro coins in certain years and thus in limited numbers.

The face value is identical to all the others and even one of the sides does not change but the other is personalized by the country of origin, usually these coins are used to develop commemorative issues, by major nations such as Italy, Germany, Spain and France, but also from small ones like the Vatican or the Principality of Monaco.

Given the limited territorial extent, these nations often offer the most interesting examples of all, and this is the case with the first Monaco commemorative coin, created in 2007.

A not coincidental year as it coincides with the 25th anniversary of the death of Grace Kelly, Hollywood actress but also princess as wife of Rainier III. from Monaco. In fact, in the 50s, the American actress decided to give up her film career at the peak to marry the Monegasque ruler.

She died in 1982 at the age of 56 as a result of a traffic accident and 25 years later Monaco dedicated this coin to her, which bears her effigy.

Given the personality and importance of the princess, the €2 Grace Kelly is one of the rarest and most exclusive around, and its value fits that nomenclature.

A well-preserved example is worth €2,500, but some sold at auction in perfect condition can easily exceed €5,000.

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