Find out who is the “Zé Gotão” of Christmas that went viral on social networks

Find out who is the “Zé Gotão” of Christmas that went viral on social networks

A charismatic figure in the vaccination campaign, Zé Gotinha won a worthy competitor in Natal. A “Zé Gotão” went viral on social networks thanks to its physical form and was one of the most talked about topics on Twitter this Wednesday (15/6) and was even interviewed by Globo.

A photo of the socalled “Zé Gotão”, shared on the internet, shows the character wearing a white shirt tight to the body and very tight pants, also white. The teardropshaped head was not left out either.

colorful illustration of coronavirusCopy of 3 Cards_Gallery_of_Photos (14)

In view of the pandemic scenario and the expansion of the booster dose, some are still wondering about the meaning of the third dose of the vaccine against Covid19Istock

Color photograph of a person administering a vaccine against Covid19***Child vaccination against Covid19

The booster dose should be administered at least four months after the completion of the first vaccination schedule. The additional application serves to increase the number of memory cells and further strengthen the antibodies they produceRafaela Felicciano/Metrópoles

Influenza flu vaccination color photograph***Vaccination against influenza influenza

Experts point out that one of the main actions of the booster dose is to augment the immune response. The third dose causes an increase in the amount of antibodies circulating in the body, reducing the risk of the vaccinated person becoming ill Tomaz Silva/Agência Brasil

Color photo of older DF starts immunizing 12yearolds and boosts vaccine for 80yearolds***DF starts immunizing 12yearolds and boosts vaccine for 80yearolds

In elderly and immunocompromised subjects, booster vaccination increases the effectiveness of immunization since these groups do not develop an adequate immune responseHugo Barreto/Metrópoles

Color photograph of a vaccinated woman***Adult vaccine

Another important measure is to reduce the risk of infection in new variants. The antibody promoted by the vaccine is directed against the strain that gave rise to the formula, and in the process humans also produce antibodies that show diversity. The longer the range of the proteins defending the organism, the greater the likelihood that some will bind to the novaWestend61/GettyImages variant.

Color photo of the vaccine against Covid _ Coronavac _ Butantane*** Vaccine against Covid _ Coronavac _ Butantane

The director of the Brazilian Society of Immunizations (SBIm) and member of the Technical Advisory Board of the National Immunization Program of the Ministry of Health, Renato Kfouri, says that the scheme for mixing vaccines from different laboratories is a Rafaela Felicciano/Metrópoles

Color photo of the Covid vaccine Increase in the number of Covid19 and influenza cases in Brazil 1***Covid vaccine Increase in the number of Covid19 and influenza cases in Brazil 6

A study conducted by the University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust in the UK showed that antibody levels in people who received two doses of AstraZeneca increased 30fold after the booster dose of Moderna and 25fold after the booster dose PfizerArthur Menescal/ Special Metropolis

Color photograph of an elderly woman taking the vaccine against Covid***Village Ticuna _ Indigenous people are vaccinated against Covid19 in the Amazon

Responses to the booster dose are similar to the previous two doses. Expect mild to moderate symptoms such as excessive tiredness and pain at the injection site. However, there have also been reports of symptoms such as local redness or swelling, headache, muscle pain, chills, fever or nauseaRafaela Felicciano/Metrópoles

Color photograph of nurses vaccinating in drivethru***With low demand, vaccination against H1N1 in Goiânia focuses on i

It is worth noting that the use of three doses has the main objective of reducing the number of severe cases and the number of hospitalizations due to Covid19Vinícius Schmidt/Metrópoles


On social networks, the joke is that “Zé Gotão” would serve to attract adult audiences to vaccinations, while Zé Gotinha is dedicated to children. Other people wrote that the character would “hit” anyone who refused to get the vaccinations.

But who is “Zé Gotão” after all? His name is Ednaldo Santos, he is a personal trainer and dentist and is quickly gaining followers on Instagram.

This Wednesday (June 15) he was interviewed by Inter TV RN, a subsidiary of Globo in Natal, and showed his face. Check out the reactions:

Zé Gotão de Natal ended up in the newspaper.
I have no doubt they will send Lucas to track him to see if the mold is a reaction to the vaccine.

— Schrödinger’s big shoe 🚛 (@landaciccone) June 15, 2022

I’m wearing a costume, I’m like that, taller than me

— Lozinha (@_pequenalo) June 15, 2022

droplets of whey

— Schrödinger’s lawyer (@soutoverso) June 15, 2022

Zé Gotão cited for A Fazenda

Thiago Pasqualotto (@thiago_p) June 15, 2022

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