At the age of 62 JeanClaude Van Damme shares a

Find out what should be JeanClaude Van Damme’s last film before the actor retires Online Séries

Actor JeanClaude Van Damme was quite successful in the ’80s and ’90s, and with a successful career, it was expected that one day he would retire.

The Great White Dragon Chong LiPhoto published by JeanClaude Van Damme on Instagram Playback/@jcvd

The news was shared by the Deadline website in 2022. Known for movies like “Kickboxer Dragon Challenge” and “White Dragon‘ Van Damme said at the time that he was considering retiring after shooting the last film of his career “What’s My Name?”.

The production tells the story of his life and how he became a martial arts star after moving to the United States from Belgium. Great rivals who fought the star on the big screen should return.

“I wanted to close the curtains but review my entire career. Beginning with “The Great White Dragon” [filme de 1988]that was the movie that made me famous,” the actor explained.

He then pointed out that his last film would be even bigger than Bloodsport.

“I want this film to be a new Great White Dragon, but a step up,” he said.

The star also revealed some details about the script. He’ll be hard pressed to believe his career, having spent much of his life in hotels over the past 30 years.

Van Damme points out that this story, while part of the film, is still true.

“We’re going to use elements from my real life and some things that happened to me,” he added.

Further details such as the premiere date and production have not yet been announced.

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