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Find out more about the Simpsons’ chilling predictions for the new year 2023

Matt Groening’s famous series The Simpsons has more than once succeeded in predicting the future. From Brazilian player Neymar’s injuries to Donald Trump’s election and the Rolling Stones’ 2016 tour, the yellow characters’ comedy foretold several events that would happen years later.

The series, known for its adventures but also for how terrifying the fact that it can accurately predict certain moments can be, is trending again due to the possible events that could happen in 2023 based on the US production become in social networks.

The Third World War

First comes a third world war, but this time not just with bullets and trenches, but with biological and nuclear weapons. The current tensions in the world do not make this unreasonable, as the war between Russia and Ukraine, the missiles from North Korea, the provocations of the United States and the western country’s relations with China make a scenario possible.

This is foretold in the episode in which the character of Kent Brockman, the Channel 6 news anchor in Springfield, says in the middle of a program: β€œIt is with great sadness that I inform you that the United States and China have declared war. A massive nuclear attack is expected to hit our shores within the hour!”

This photo shows the test firing of an Hwasong-17 ICBM at Pyongyang International Airport in North Korea on November 18, 2022. This photo shows the test firing of an Hwasong-17 ICBM at Pyongyang International Airport in North Korea on November 18, 2022. (The Associated Press)

Will an asteroid hit Earth?

The prediction is based on a chapter in which Bart and the Springfield scientists discover that an asteroid is about to hit Earth planet and although it arrives, it quickly decomposes when it comes in contact with the layer of contamination it contains. According to netizens, this could happen, especially due to the recent operations carried out by NASA to deflect these types of objects.

It is worth remembering that in 2022 NASA managed to deflect the trajectory of the asteroid Dimorphos, located 11 million kilometers from Earth. This was done with the aim of deflecting any celestial body that might affect our home in the future.

The end of the economic crisis

With the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 and political tensions worldwide, the downfall of the economy is a fact that cannot be ruled out. And this is well known to netizens who remembered how, in one chapter of the series, a mysterious man showed Homer a video “of dubious origin” that would indicate that a very strong country was coming to an end thanks to the economic crisis.

The man then says to Homer: “Anarchy, the end of civilization will soon come to an America close to you”to which the nice family man replies: “The United States cannot collapse, we are as powerful as ancient Rome.”

However, the man turns on a video that says: “The modern world is an unstoppable march of progress.” Then some playing cards appear reading: “No Local Farming”, “Peak Oil”, “Ben Bernanke”, “Solar Flares” and “Cicada Plague for 17 Years” while forming a pyramid which then disappears on the table. .