Find out how much Scooby will pay Luana Piovani as

Find out how much Scooby will pay Luana Piovani as an annuity


Photo: Instagram/Luana Piovani and Pedro Scooby / Pipoca Moderna

The first part of Pedro Scooby and Luana Piovani’s soap opera ended this Monday (September 1) with confirmation of the payment of the pension that the actress was demanding for her three children. But although the plot and outcome were closely followed by the public, one key piece of information was missing: the sum calculated by Luana.

She even dropped hints. During the outbreak, Luana informed her followers through a video on Instagram that Scooby had paid R$17,000. Even after that payment, she continued the charge.

Scooby defended himself by stating that he had until Sunday (01/08) to pay and that he had already advanced 70% of the amount. Therefore, the full amount of the pension is R$ 25,000.

According to Luana, the difference of 30% agreed after the conversation relates to the rent.

“Ah, Pedro paid the rest of the missing pension, the rental part,” she said on Instagram this Monday (January 9).

The rental amount would be R$ 8,000.

The main reason for the financial dispute between Scooby and Luana is precisely this rent.

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