Find out details of the messages that Neymar and Nathalia

Find out details of the messages that Neymar and Nathalia Valente exchanged Portal iG

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Neymar and Nathalia Valente exchanged messages in December 2022


Neymar was involved in another controversy involving treason. This Thursday (28), Kaio Viana, influencer and exboyfriend of Nathalia Valente, who stars in “A Fazenda 15”, confirmed that the person exchanged messages with the player during their engagement. iG Gente had access to details of the messages.

Sources close to Kaio Viana and Nathália Valente stated that Neymar asked if the girl was with her in December 2022, when the player was single. He only got back together with Bruna Biancardi in January 2023. However, Nathalia was with Kaio.

“He [Neymar] He calls her and asks: “Nathalia, are you together?” All links showed “Yes”. In fact, the entire internet knew she was dating because she made videos of herself dancing to his songs, because she posted everything related to their relationship. “So there’s no way he wouldn’t know she was dating,” the source told iG Gente.

According to the source, the person was still bragging about the news. “He [Kaio Viana] I found out because I think it’s her [Nathalia] I showed it to a few people. To say, “Look at him behind me, but I didn’t want to, but at no point,” he said.

The source also recounted the moment Kaio spotted the flirt: “When he took her phone, he [Kaio Viana] He was jealous, after all it’s Neymar. And it said: “Are you single?” hahahaha'”.

Kaio Viana would have been very disappointed in his girlfriend because, as he said in the stories, Nathalia did not tell Neymar that she was together. The person traveling at the time had simply asked the player: “How long are you staying in Brazil?”, implying that he had the freedom to have an affair.

“He [Kaio Viana] She fell into a deep depression when she found out about it and that she didn’t immediately take a stand on Neymar, like: “Look, I’ll go with you.” Was waiting for her [Nathalia e Kaio] were far away from each other to position themselves, with a joking tone,” the source said.

Kaio Viana’s relationship with Nathalia’s mother

Nathalia’s mother was the one who sparked the controversy online when she said Kaio cheated on her daughter. At that time, the influencer and singer denied this and exposed his exgirlfriend. The source stated that the influencer’s mother did this with “bad faith” to clean up the image of the person who is on the farm and could be eliminated. Nathalia is heavily criticized for her arrogant pose and for staying with Yuri Meirelles on the reality show, after telling Kaio Viana in “A Fazenda 15” that she would not have a relationship with anyone.

The source also confirmed Kaio’s statements that Nathalia was extremely jealous and “bipolar” and further reiterated that the influencer hit him, as he also stated on social media.

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