Find a gift in the middle of several loops in the picture  Escola Educação

Find a gift in the middle of several loops in the picture Escola Educação

Visual challenges have become a major attraction for internet users these days. Often a new challenge arises for us to decipher and spend our time with. In this challenge we have a picture full of ties with a present hidden somewhere. However, it’s quite difficult to find in less than 30 seconds and you’re among the few people who have.

Now check the visual challenge today and have fun!

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Today’s challenge was found on TikTok

This challenge was posted on the famous TikTok app by user @twosabkidszone. This account is dedicated to posting riddles and optical illusions aimed at entertaining netizens. So this user posted a riddle containing a hidden gift.

The gift hidden in the middle of the bows

You can see that there are several loops in this picture, all varying in color and making a good puzzle at the end. To make it even more confusing, some of the bows are more unique as they come with ribbons that help to mistake them for a gift.

However, only one of the few connections with this detail is that associated with the image of a gift. So pay very close attention and try to find the purpose of this challenge, the hidden gift.

Now it’s your turn!

So did you manage to find it? Pay close attention to the above information and look in the details for the gift hidden behind the bows. If you didn’t make it, try looking at the lower left side of the image.

And now, as you direct your focus, has it become easier? If you still can’t find it, don’t worry! Now let us give you a good tip! Keep looking to the left, but focus on the red loops. Now you will surely find what you are looking for!

The answer

If you still can’t find the detail that indicates a gift, we’ll give you the answer. The gift image is in the lower left corner of the image with a red ribbon down, slanting to the left.