Final day of campaigning GND gets boost from Emile Bilodeau

Final day of campaigning: GND gets boost from Émile Bilodeau

MONTREAL | On his final campaign day before the election, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois got a helping hand from singer Émile Bilodeau. Both, in their own way, denounced the negative consequences of François Legault’s speech on immigration.

From tour to tour, the Québec solidaire co-speaker was questioned several times yesterday by Quebecers with immigrant backgrounds, who spontaneously came to speak to him about the damage that the comments of the first outgoing minister and his immigration minister were doing to them.

“This morning I have a message for all Quebecers injured by François Legault: I will fight for you, regardless of the outcome of tomorrow’s election, I will not let you go. You deserve to be respected and you haven’t been respected during this campaign, then I don’t accept that,” Mr Nadeau-Dubois hammered to the press during a scrum.

“I’m launching a call for all generations to vote again,” said the QS spokesman.

Last sprint

Singer-songwriter Émile Bilodeau, who came to distribute door hangers with Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois while riding Verdun, will also take part in a demonstration outside the offices of François Legault in Montreal on Sunday afternoon.

The 2 p.m. demonstration for a Quebec free of immigrant discrimination will bring together several immigrant artists, including Ricardo L’Amour, Renzel Dashington and Africana Soul Sister.

“It means recognizing the humanity, then the fear of these people,” said Émile Bilodeau, happy to be fighting alongside Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois.

TikTok video: A storm in a teacup

Questioned by journalists, the artist minimized the storm in a glass of water that followed Mr Nadeau-Dubois and Manon Massé’s participation in a TikTok video by influencer Emna Achour, who describes herself as an “anti-racist and eco-friendly feminist”. .

“Finally we have a leader who really listens to young people, two co-speakers visiting emerging artists,” Mr. Bilodeau said. I find it boring that we emphasize the content of a song that nobody knows. What’s cool is seeing Manon then tell Gab, “We’re here to care for young artists,” knowing full well that young people don’t feel heard right now, and even more artists. So I find it boring that we’re talking more about the song than what it really means, this video.