Filmmaker Claude Fournier dies at the age of 91

Filmmaker Claude Fournier dies at the age of 91

Filmmaker, producer and writer Claude Fournier died Thursday at the age of 91 of complications from heart problems. This was announced by his brother Guy Fournier protocol.

The filmmaker has spent the last few days at the University of Montreal Hospital Center after suffering a heart attack during a trip to Martinique.

“We have spent our lives together. We shared everything,” said Guy Fournier.

A prolific filmmaker, Claude Fournier leaves behind a rich body of work.

In May 1970, his first feature film, the erotic comedy Two Golden Women, quickly became an audience phenomenon (we’re talking about two million viewers). The director will then try to build on that success by filming “Cats in Boots” in 1971 and “The Apple, the Tail and the Seeds” in 1974.

In the 1980s he multiplied major productions: “Bonheur d’Occasion” (1983), “Les Tisserands du Pouvoir” (1988) and “Juliette Pomerleau” (1999) are among his greatest successes.

In 2008, Claude Fournier and his wife Marie-José Raymond set up the project to digitize and restore Quebec’s cinematographic heritage, Elephant – Memory of Quebec Cinema. Fournier and Raymond will hold these positions through the end of 2018, overseeing the restoration of 225 feature films.

More details to come…