film production stopped Batgirl was amazing according to Leslie

film production stopped | Batgirl was “amazing” according to Leslie Grace .

Actress Leslie Grace disagrees with Warner’s shelving of Batgirl: The version of the film she saw was “amazing” and had a lot of potential, she says.

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Six months after Warner Bros. Discovery shelved the film Batgirl, Leslie Grace, who played the title role in this blockbuster, gave an interview to Variety magazine in which she expressed her disapproval of the studio’s decision.

She explained that she learned the news at the same time as everyone else and was just as amazed as directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Farah. The actress got the opportunity from studio officials, but admits she didn’t understand what could be wrong. “They weren’t very specific about what they thought creatively about the film and how it could have harmed DC. [Comics] “, She says.

The actress admits that filming was riddled with pitfalls – half of the scenes were shot at night in Scotland, where it was raining heavily. However, she points out that the on-site team has shown great skill in preventing these challenges from appearing on screen.

Leslie Grace had the opportunity to see an unfinished version of the film. The cut wasn’t finished yet and some scenes were still missing. “But the film I got to see – the scenes in it – were amazing. In my opinion, he definitely had the potential to make a good film,” she said.

Warner Bros. Discovery caused a surprise last summer when production on the Batgirl film was halted. The decision has been attributed to disappointing audience reactions to screening of an unfinished version of the film and the investment required to complete it when no theatrical release was planned. Batgirl was actually slated to release straight to HBO Max, a strategy that was likely deemed unviable when Warner Bros. merged with Discovery.