Filipe Pontes mother says that the quarrel took place between

Filipe Pontes’ mother says that the quarrel took place between the children: “I went in to break up and I was pushed

Silvania denied being assaulted and said the confusion started after the former Globo comedian came home drunk

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Filipe Pontes’ mother recorded a video in which she talks about her son’s arrest

comedian’s mother Filipe Pontes, Silvania spoke this Monday 2nd about what happened last Saturday 31st, the day her son was arrested accused of assaulting her. “Filipe came home upset, drunk and talking loudly and I asked him to keep his voice low. Altered, he began to speak even louder. My other son woke up, tried to interfere, got in the way, and an argument ensued between the two brothers. I, afraid of a fight, broke up in the middle and was pushed,” Silvania said in a video sent by the comedian boy pan. Filipe’s mother said police were called and the 36yearold comedian was taken to the police station, where a police report was filed. In a statement sent out on Saturday, the Sao Paulo State Secretariat of Public Security (SSPSP) reported that the artist was “accused of assaulting his own mother” in the act, as well as his 21yearold brother. It was also disclosed that the BO was registered as a case of domestic violence, threats, assault and factual crimes.

Silvania denied being attacked: “Filipe never hit me. I have nothing, that didn’t happen, we had a family quarrel.” In conversation with boy pan Last Sunday 1st, Filipe also explained that he had not attacked his mother, but in his version the argument with his brother was not motivated by being loud: “I would never do that, it is not human, he does. The fight was with my younger brother, country business. I got a little drunk because of the parties and ended up overdoing it.” According to the comedian, who has worked at Globo, Record TV and Band, his younger brother fights jiujitsu and simply immobilized him during the discussion. He also stated that it was a neighbor who told the police that he had attacked Silvania and that he was released after his mother spoke to the authorities and clarified the matter. The artist also emphasized that he had already communicated with his family: “Everyone is fine. This morning I was playing video games with my brother, everyone is smiling and I’m screwed for nothing.” Watch Silvania’s video:

Comedian Filipe Pontes’ mother opens up about the argument between the children: “I went in to separate and was pushed”

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