Fewer than 10,000 0 airline tickets have been sold in Quebec since June

Fewer than 10,000 $500 airline tickets have been sold in Quebec since June

We cannot provide a review after just two months of doing a program that spans 60 months. However, it bodes well for the future, writes Claudia Loupret, spokeswoman for Minister François Bonnardel.

However, if the government hopes to sell the 98,800 round-trip flights available this year on Quebec regional flights priced at $500, a rule of three leads us to the conclusion that they average just over 8,200 should sell per month.

In the first two and a half months of the program, i.e. from June 1st to August 15th, around 20,500 round trips should theoretically have taken place.

The quantity of 9461 tickets actually sold during this period is therefore well below this number. This may come as a surprise as the peak tourist season is about to end.

However, Ms Loupret believes part of the result can be explained by the fact that the tickets went on sale on June 1st [et que] many Quebecers had already planned their vacation.

“We will be able to produce a real evaluation at the end of the first full year of the program. »

— A quote from Claudia Loupret, spokeswoman for the Quebec Minister of Transport

Until then, we will continue to listen to partners and Quebecers and promote this new program to increase access to our regions, she continued.

Very low

Quebec Liberal Party for Transport spokesman André Fortin has been harsh on ticket sales results since June 1 of last year, citing very low numbers.

But that’s not at all surprising, he says, given that all sorts of problems surfaced (New window) when Minister François Bonnardel unveiled the outline of the program last April.

“It happened at the last minute. People didn’t have all the details. People didn’t understand who had access and who didn’t have access […] »

— A quote from André Fortin, spokesman for transport for the Quebec Liberal Party

André Fortin in the National Assembly.

André Fortin, Quebec Liberal Party critic for transport

Photo: The Canadian Press / Jacques Boissinot

At Parti Québécois, traffic spokesman Joël Arseneau sees these early sales figures as a sign that the program is a sword in the water.

“It’s during the summer holidays. Imagine what it will look like in the fall. I personally think this is a shameless waste of public money. »

— A quote from Joël Arseneau, Parti Québécois Transport Critic

Quebec Solidaire’s candidate for the next Rimouski riding election, Carol-Ann Kack, meanwhile, has spoken of a haywire program from the start.

“It’s not piece sizes like this that fill the need. We need a structured vision for transportation in Quebec, something we haven’t had in several years. »

— A quote from Carol-Ann Kack, candidate for Québec solidaire riding Rimouski

Carol-Ann Kack speaks into a microphone at Rimouski Station.

Quebec Solidaire candidate in Rimouski, Carol-Ann Kack

Photo: Radio Canada / Francois Gagnon

The Magdalen Islands: most popular travel destination

The Ministère des Transports du Québec (MTQ) could not provide the number of tickets sold for each destination because it is confidential business information.

However, spokesman Louis-André Bertrand was able to confirm that the Magdalen Islands are currently the program’s most popular destination.

Local MP Joël Arseneau doesn’t think the $500 tickets have helped attract more tourists this summer as the Magdalen Islands had already reached full capacity in recent years.

“It has allowed some people to get tickets at a lower price but they would have come to visit the Magdalen Islands anyway [cet été], based on the last two years. »

— A quote from Joël Arseneau, Parti Québécois Transport Critic

Joel Arseneau.

Joël Arseneau, transport critic of the Parti Québécois

Photo: Radio Canada

André Fortin also regrets that, for the time being, the airlines participating in the program have not committed to offering more flights in order to better serve customers.

This is where the government really needs to find the airlines. If he doesn’t, his program will remain far less effective than it could be, thinks Mr. Fortin.

However, Minister Bonnardel’s press secretary, Claudia Loupret, points out that the main goal of our flight schedule, a unique initiative in North America, is to allow Quebecers who want to travel here for a maximum of $500, and thousands of them are already benefiting from it benefits from it.