Festive evenings and drug tests: The Finnish Prime Minister is trying to resolve the dispute

Festive evenings and drug tests: The Finnish Prime Minister is trying to resolve the dispute

Videos of the 36-year-old party leader have leaked on social media. Some even accuse him of taking drugs. To put an end to the controversy, the Prime Minister of Finland agreed to take a screening test but recalled her desire to “stay the same person I’ve always been”.

The video – the date of which we do not know – was published on social networks on the evening of August 17th. Several people are seen celebrating there, including Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin. The 36-year-old is filmed singing and dancing with other personalities, including influencer and photographer Janita Autio, singer Alma, but also entertainers or a member of her political party.

The rumor of a drug

Images that are not to the liking of the opposition. Since the video’s release, his attitude has been heavily criticized and rumors of drug use during those parties spread like wildfire across the country. Questioned by the press, Sanna Marin had to justify herself.

“I have nothing to hide. I haven’t done any drugs, so I have no problem getting tested. I still find it quite strange that this is being asked of me. And I haven’t seen anyone else take sides, take it.(…) I intend to remain the same person I have always been and I hope people will agree. We live in a democracy and there are elections to settle this type of debate,” replied the Prime Minister. As of this Friday, August 19, she was still being forced to undergo a drug test to end the controversy.

I’ll confirm it to you: I danced and sang, hugged my friends and drank alcohol.

However, Sanna Marin takes her style far from the classics of politics, which contributes to her being a political figure with 55% positive opinions. Photographed in a nightclub, in the company of people or in short films at music festivals, the politician reaffirmed her freedom of action on Friday. “I have a family, a job and sometimes a bit of free time where I take advantage of my friends. (…) And I’ll tell you: I danced and sang, I hugged my friends and drank alcohol. “