Fernanda Vasconcellos poses with her baby and captivates so blonde

Fernanda Vasconcellos poses with her baby and captivates: ‘so blonde’

Fernanda Vasconcellos appears with her sixmonthold baby in her arms, enchanted

The actress Fernanda Vasconcellos shared a moment of pure cuteness with the baby. The artist is the mother of a boy. Romeo is the fruit of her relationship with the actor Cassio Reis who she is married to.

The little one is six months old. He is the artist’s first child and his father’s youngest. C├íssio is the father of a teenager. Noah is 15 years old. He is the result of a previous relationship with actress Danielle Winits, to whom he was married. The former couple split in 2010.

The artists chose not to show the baby’s face for the first few days. As soon as Romeo was born, they broke the news to their followers. Both only gave his date of birth at the time.

“I believe that great joy happens along the way and I had no idea how romantic it is for the couple when there is no mistaking it when reading the display pregnant and it is a joy the cherished indication of the.” Weeks to see it gives us the real dimension, that love in me, in us grows! Fernanda Vasconcellos at the time of pregnancy.

At Christmas, fathers showed their baby’s face for the first time. In the click they appear with the heir next to a small Christmas tree. This Saturday (21st) the baby posed with his mother. The actress appears to be making faces and mouths for the pup! Romeo, curious, touches his mother’s face, who continues to be very happy with him.

“You made my heart go crazy. He went crazy!!! And what do I do now without your love? and what do I do now without your kiss? Fernanda Vasconcellos. Fans of the famous were full of praise! “Just stunning!!!!” commented one netizen. Another said: “Master of cuteness”. And yet another remarked, “He’s so blonde!”

Little Romeo plays on his mother Fernanda Vasconcellos' lap

Reproduction Instagram Little Romeo plays on mom’s lap, Fernanda Vasconcellos

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