Fernanda Vasconcellos’ baby poses with her brother, the son of Winits

Fernanda Vasconcellos’ baby poses with her brother, the son of Winits

Actor Cássio Reis showed his son with Winits with Fernanda Vasconcellos’ baby

The actor Cassio ReisActress’ husband Fernanda VasconcellosShe celebrated her first Father’s Day with a double dose! The artist is the proud father of two sons. Her eldest son is 14 years old while the youngest is just a month old.

Firstborn Noah was born from an old relationship. He was married to the actress Danielle Winits. The only fruit of the relationship came when the artists collaborated in the series “Guerra e Paz”. The former couple split shortly thereafter in 2010 after about five years together.

Later, Cássio Reis and Fernanda Vasconcellos publicly assumed they were dating. The couple have been in a relationship for almost 10 years and recently welcomed their first child together. Little Romeo is one month old. He was born on June 28 in a maternity hospital in São Paulo.

This Sunday, Cássio Reis has made it his mission to celebrate Father’s Day in style! The artist brought his two children together at home and even had illustrious visitors. Her fatherinlaw, engineer Sergio Galvez, Fernanda’s father, celebrated the very special date with them.

In the photos published by the artist couple, there was no lack of laughter, fun and, of course, love on family Sunday. In the living room of the house, the actress posed sitting on a sofa with the newborn in her arms. The famous one can’t help but laugh as she watches her husband hold another “baby”… It turns out that Grandpa Sérgio has conquered his soninlaw’s womb!

“Sure, the kid is yours! #FathersDay,” he wrote. Fernanda Vasconcellos. Cássio quickly vented the joke: “Now I need physio for my lower back!” the actor commented. A fan of the family said: “What beautiful photos! Happy Father’s Day”. While another commented, “How divine this photo Fe!! Love and may your home always be full of harmony!”.

The famous dad also posed alongside Noah and Romeo for adorable snaps that will be part of the family album. “Being a father is… loving you!!” the artist defined. Fernanda raved about the trio: “Oh jesui!”. Former BBB Carol Peixinho took the opportunity to congratulate her friend: “Happy Papi Day, Cassitoooo.” Actress Regiane Alves replied: “Congratulations”.

Actor Cássio Reis posed with his baby with Fernanda Vasconcellos and his son with Danielle Winits

Reproduction Instagram Actor Cássio Reis posed with his children alongside Fernanda Vasconcellos and Danielle Winits

Actress Fernanda Vasconcellos spent Father's Day with her husband, son and father

Reproduction Instagram Actress Fernanda Vasconcellos enjoyed Father’s Day with her husband, son and father Sérgio

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