Felipe Neto’s ex tells details about the bad separation of the two

Felipe Neto’s ex tells details about the bad separation of the two

Almost 10 years after her relationship with the Youtuber ended Felipe Neto, Maddu Magalhaes opened her heart during an interview with ‘Vênus Podcast’ hosted by Criss Paiva and Yasmin Ali. The actress spoke of betrayal, the behavior of the ex, and even received harsh and threatening messages after the relationship ended. The two came together to live together and she worked with him on the channel “Parafernalha”.

The topic came up when the actress started talking about her move to Rio and the creative gifts she made for her loved one. But right away she said she avoided the subject for fear of what might happen. “Since we broke up I’ve never spoken about it again out of fear, right? Felipe is a bit argumentative,” she said. When asked if she feared her ex’s reaction, she said yes, concluding: “I’ve been threatened very badly, with harsh messages. Our breakup wasn’t nice, we ended up really bad.”

And the conversation about dating continued, with netizens sending in questions for the interview. One of them wanted to know what hurt Maddu the most after the relationship ended, and she strongly emphasized: Felipe’s exaggerated reaction to the two betrayals she committed, despite the fact that he had done the same.

“There was betrayal on my part and also on his part. What hurts me the most about this whole story is the way he criticizes me for something he also did. Just because I’m a woman? I find it very difficult. Yes, I screwed up, I did it, I cheated. I even cheated on a woman because I didn’t have the courage to cheat with a man. He thinks I cheated on him more times than I actually cheated on him, he has a story in his head that didn’t happen,” the girl explained.

Maddu also revealed that the ex believes in stories he made upto justify his anger at her. “He has the quality: either you are with me or you are against me. He’s 8 or 80, when he starts to think someone is against him, he fights, he fights, he takes it from life and he did that to me. I respect him, I would be easy friends with him,” she said, saying she’s already tried to get closer and talk to no avail.

And despite all the stress, Maddu explains that both have changed today and that a lot has happened due to the lack of maturity of both. “It was a very difficult process, we were two children. We moved in together very quickly. None of them behaved like adults, mature adults, would have done today.” And to end the story, she said the story wasn’t that serious. “There’s nothing wrong with my version, he didn’t do too much. He only believes a story in his head and hates me more than necessary.”

In 2015, shortly after the end, Maddu even tweeted that she would speak when she felt ready. “If I feel good, I will speak. For now, my only regret is that the other party did not respect my request.”

The Youtuber spoke about the case. “Felipe Neto’s press office denies the alleged statements stemming from a relationship that ended years ago, which are strictly personal,” read a note sent to the column.

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If I feel good, I will speak. For now, my only regret is that the other party did not respect my request.

Maddu Magalhães (@maddumagalhaes) April 22, 2015

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