1676611452 Feijoo refrains from resorting to the constitution that allows minors

Feijóo refrains from resorting to the constitution that allows minors to have abortions without parental consent

The leader of the People's Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, at the Forbes summit The leader of the People’s Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, at the Forbes summit “Reinventing Spain” this Thursday in Madrid. Alberto Ortega (Europa Press)

The PP wants to get out of the abortion swamp as quickly as possible. Alberto Núñez Feijóo’s leadership is trying to end the controversy surrounding his vacillating position on voluntary abortion with the words of the President this Wednesday, in which he reaffirmed his support for the Law of Time Limits, but without considering abortion a fundamental right. “The debate is settled”, they claim in the popular direction, and for this reason, despite their discrepancies with the law that the Congress of Deputies approved this Thursday and that updates that of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, they will not open new folders. Feijóo has refrained from challenging the points the PP rejects from the new rule of the progressive coalition government before the Constitutional Court, according to party leadership sources at the Calle de Génova headquarters in Madrid. Therefore, the PP will not challenge the law enshrined in abortion of minors without parental permission, nor will it stop forcing women to wait a three-day reflection period before making their decision, and the establishment of a register of conscientious objectors for health workers.

Feijóo renounces the fight before the Constitutional Court, also aware of the progressive majority in court, after the defeat of his appeal against Zapatero’s deadline law, which forced him to correct and accept the party’s position. In the leadership of the PP, they have doubts that these three measures are unconstitutional, apart from finding them politically wrong, and therefore avoid a legal front with many risks of becoming a new failure. Feijóo will repeal or change them when he comes to power, sources close to him say.

The goal of avoiding new resources is to get out of the abortion pool that its competitors are exploiting as quickly as possible. This Thursday, during the parliamentary debate on the new law, Feijóo received criticism from left and right. District President Pedro Sánchez from Vienna also questioned his “dialectical juggling” on this issue. The PP is more concerned about Vox recognizing it can scrape voters for abortion without having to clarify its model, popular leadership laments. “What exactly is Vox defending in relation to abortion? What’s your model? In reality, they don’t say it and no one questions it,” laments a Nucleus leader. Santiago Abascal’s party has tabled an illegal proposal in Congress that advocates repealing the time limit law but does not specify what its alternative rule would be and whether it would consist of a total ban.

Since this lack of definition, the extreme right continues to beat the PP so that it is Feijóo’s turn to accept the law of deadlines. In the debate in Congress, Vox MP Lourdes Méndez described as “sadism” that “whoever kills a rat is punishable by imprisonment, while a child can be killed freely in the womb” and criticized Feijóo for “committing his treason to.” have accomplished by saying that the judgment of the Constitutional Court is correct.”

The PP believes it has resolved its position within the framework defined by Feijóo, according to which abortion is a right but not a fundamental right, and has asked the party not to move away from it. But the President of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, deviated from the official line again this Thursday. “I don’t know if it’s a right, there’s a freedom to do it, but of course it’s nothing special in a country with a serious winter demographic problem, where children aren’t being born and where families are getting smaller and smaller and.” we are more alone,” said Ayuso, who announced his government is setting up an 012 phone line “to support motherhood for pregnant women or mothers” because “the most important thing is to work for life.”

Ayuso, like Feijóo, knows the front this issue has opened up for them with the most ultra-conservative sectors of the right, despite insisting they are a minority on the leader’s team. Relevant sources from those right-wing circles instead assert that “many people are concerned” about the position of the PP and that in the case of Feijóo “pragmatism can lead to a breach of principles”. “Life is the right, death can never be a right”, they insist in those sectors previously referred to in the PP, which warn of a “social disorder” allegedly occurring in Spain due to the regulation of abortion or other issues such as trans rights In Genoa, these voices are aware, but they claim that a more centralized position is much more selective, which is why they will avoid new fights in the Constitutional Court: “We won much more for the center.”

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