Fefito  Explosion in “Travessia” Implies Alleged Pursuit of Bolsonarian Actors  Splash

Fefito Explosion in “Travessia” Implies Alleged Pursuit of Bolsonarian Actors Splash

As revealed by the Notícias da TV portal, in chapter 100 of “Travessia” there will be an explosion that will solve a great mystery: who would be the terrorist in the telenovela? The victims will be the characters of Cássia Kis and Humberto Martins, hospitalized between life and death.

Interestingly, both Cássia and Humberto rose to prominence for their support of Jair Bolsonaro’s government. By the way, the actress even visited the camps full of antidemocratic requests, causing a big fight on Globo. The actor, on the other hand, commented on his vote in 2019 and even discussed it with colleagues in a WhatsApp group. In the last election, however, he said he would not vote for “anybody”.

Incidentally, Gloria Perez, author of the nine o’clock soap opera, also showed sympathy for the former government. Recently he even countered criticism on social networks with the question: “Does that have an L?”. She has also already liked messages on Twitter praising Bolsonaro.

As the two characters explode, it becomes clear that Gloria is looking for symbolism: she victimizes those who are ideologically allied with her and hints at persecution. For Globo, who has faced complaints against Cássia Kis for complying with the broadcaster’s regulations, the situation doesn’t necessarily solve anything. On the contrary, it only extends the magnifying glass to the actress’ next steps.