Fefito By sacking Dudu Camargo SBT has eliminated an issue

Fefito By sacking Dudu Camargo, SBT has eliminated an issue Splash

Loved by Silvio Santos but not by the production of Primeiro Impacto, Dudu Camargo left SBT to the relief of the journalism department and garnering controversy. Since receiving the post, the presenter has been embroiled in many controversies. Some of them are listed in the following column.

RIVALRY WITH MARCÃO DO POPO: There were many disputes between the moderators. Ever since they shared the time slot, Dudu and Marcão have been in a kind of cold war at the train station. Behind the scenes, the producers didn’t know what requests to respond to, as the two insisted on showing who the main commander of the news show was. Now Marcão seems to have finally won the battle.

Harassment: During RedeTV’s carnival coverage! Dudu Camargo attacked Simony, who indignantly filed a complaint against the moderator. He never apologized for what happened.

DELAYS: On certain specific days, Dudu, who had to arrive at SBT at dawn, was late and was replaced at the last minute in the programme. There were times when the editorinchief would even send him home because of the time he got to the train station.

FLIRTING WITH OTHER STATIONS: Dudu even left his pass open on other channels when watching competitor shows. He never hid his desire to move into the entertainment industry.

QUERIDINHO DE SILVIO: After Dudu got the job, he went to the beauty salon of Jassa, Silvio Santos’ best friend, and started giving tips on programming SBT. As a result, he was no longer held in high esteem by the editorinchief, since he received carte blanche from the station’s owner.

Now that the moderator has been fired, he has created space in journalism for orders to be given in agreement with the leadership. Your passport is in the market. It remains to be seen whether a network will hire him.