Fefito BBB 23 How is the game going for Bruna

Fefito BBB 23: How is the game going for Bruna and Gabriel after Tadeu Schmidt’s warning? syringes

For the first time in its history, “Big Brother Brasil” warned contestants against abusive relationships. Looking at the impact of the conversations between Bruna and Gabriel, Tadeu Schmidt was direct and direct. “Those who are in a relationship may not even realize it, maybe they just think it’s normal. “Gabriel, in an affective relationship, certain things cannot even be said as a joke.”

Immediately, the model apologized to the actress and said he was worried about her family. After that, both decided to preemptively step aside to let the dust settle. It’s seldom that the “BBB” conducts interventions as harshly as this, and that gives participants the precise dimension of what happened out here.

Within the game, of course, there will be repercussions. Bruna, who would be targeted by some colleagues, for example, should be given a break. By the way, for some colleagues in prison, the actress could allegedly become a favorite at this moment, since she became the victim of a sad situation. It is important to emphasize: the column here is not defending the use of a serious cause as a game tool, but only assessing the possible impact on the participants.

For Gabriel, the situation could get more complicated. By understanding that the model was the hangman of the situation, its competitors might start seeing it as a card outside the noise, someone easy to eliminate. It therefore has a high chance of becoming a preferred destination in the next survey.

Regardless of which direction the game is headed, it’s important to understand that the “BBB” made history by bringing such an important issue into the debate.