Fefito  BBB 23: Fred made a blatant mistake when he criticized Gil do Vigor for being “caricatured”  Splash

Fefito BBB 23: Fred made a blatant mistake when he criticized Gil do Vigor for being “caricatured” Splash

Speaking to César Black early Friday (20), Fred Nicácio compared Bruno to Gil do Vigor, who attended the BBB 21. “He’s Gil do Vigor’s profile funny, that’s entertainment,” he said, to complete, “sadly that’s it.”

At a time when the LGBTQIA+ community lives under constant attack and scrutiny, it’s remarkable that the doctor doesn’t appreciate the key attribute of the group he belongs to: diversity. It is thanks to the difference that people with orientations that deviate from the norm gained their rights. Without the “caricatured” or “feminine” queers, along with lesbians and transvestites, the 1969 Stonewall uprising in the United States would not have happened and would not have become a landmark in history.

Thanks to the gays who held their ground during the dictatorship, Brazil had a pioneering newspaper aimed at LGBT people: Lampião da Esquina. It was thanks to the “caricatured” or “machudas” lesbians that a fundamental uprising for the diversity movement took place at Ferro’s Bar in São Paulo in 1983.

It was thanks to a “caricature” drag queen, Kaká Di Polly, that the first LGBT parade took place in the capital, São Paulo, when she literally lay down on the pavement to hold down the police and let the parade begin. Fred can move freely, marry and kiss whomever he wants thanks to the many characters that have paved his way.

Some LGBTs who fit into heteronormative norms of behavior tend to pigeonhole people who deviate from the norm. It turns out that effeminate gays or “caricatures” like Gil do Vigor are much more than what he himself revealed on BBB 21.

Gil was a good strategist, he’s a good son, he’s an economics doctorate, a good friend, probably a good friend, he’ll be a good father if he decides to have children. The way it behaves is just one characteristic among hundreds. And this behavior was important to educate everyone around him in the reality show and also a whole Brazil that vibrated with him and his life story.

A community that is already being attacked like this from without needs no attacks from within. Fred Nicácio has to verify his statements when leaving BBB 23. Surely he will understand that one thrives on difference. Otherwise only the mirror remains. And Caetano Veloso would say: “Narciso finds ugly what is not a mirror”. It’s time to appreciate it and find it beautiful.