Fefito BBB 23 captivity already has a start date See

Fefito BBB 23 captivity already has a start date; See cited names

With its debut scheduled for the 16th, “BBB 23” defines its full roster this week and is about to begin confinement at a hotel. As far as Globo is concerned, between the 7th and 9th of this month in Rio de Janeiro, the future brothers and sisters will be locked in a room with no TV and no access to the internet.

The exception to the rule is the Casa de Vidro participants, who must start before the attraction opens.

Among the celebrities cited for the box are ballerina Ingrid Silva (who is already in Brazil and came to Lula’s inauguration she lives in the United States), volleyball player Key Alves, singer Lucas Lucco, the “Lacração twin” Marielly (Mirella’s sister and friend of MC Loma), actress Bruna Griphao and influencers Vitor de Castro, Spartacus and Dora Figueiredo.

The new version of “Vira Real”, the theme song of the reality show, was also recorded by Paulo Ricardo. That year, the singer partnered with Dennis and the Funk Orquestra group. The intention is that she inspires TikTok dances.