Fedez’s victory in court against Codacons: «Did you ask for one million euros?  With the F***!”    The Video

Fedez’s victory in court against Codacons: «Did you ask for one million euros? With the F***!” The Video

Fedez wins case against Codacons and celebrates on social media. The court of Rome In fact, it dismissed the Codacons’ civil damages claim against the rapper, who the association accused of defaming her through a series of statements on social media. “Remember the codacons who sued and denounced me and demanded over a million euros in damages? Here the court said: Codacons demand one million euros from Federico? With the f***! And above all, he sentenced her to legal costs: 20 thousand euros. Thank you Codacons!” Fedez says on social media, before thanking “the parents who supported me, my wife, my lawyers… It’s like an Oscar for me.” L’antitrust law He also confirmed to Open that there wasn’t even one on his partpreliminary examination.

Response from Codacons

As AdnKronos reports, the consumer association immediately commented on the verdict. “Codacons, as always, respects the decisions of the judiciary, not only when they are favorable to their judicial actions.” This sentence “makes it even clearer”, the association continues, “that urgent action is needed, as also called for in a recent parliamentary question, to ensure a unified assessment of the issue of defamation, in order to prevent famous figures such as Fedez be allowed offend freely and with impunity the next is considered “used to provocation” by the court, while the Codacons (perhaps because they are considered more serious than Fedez?) are accused of having defined the rapper as a “pacifier”. For this reason, Codacons reiterates: “We will appeal the judgment of the Court of Rome and, if Codacons’ judgment on the reimbursement of legal costs is upheld, we will ask Fedez to donate the consideration to charity.”

reasons for the sentence

In one of the key passages of the sentence, we read from AdnKronos that “a vulgar expression made by a subject like Fedez, addicted to provocationsundoubtedly implies a more limited impact effect from those it would entail if it came from a normally easy-going and authoritative character». And then again: “Within a social channel managed by a public figure of this kind – continues the judgment of the judge Cecilia Pratesi quoted by the press agency – where a informal languageeffective images are used, the expressions used, precisely because they are deliberately exaggerated, lose a certain force and consequently weaken their insulting meaning, because an insult expressed in such a context cannot really cause a serious disturbance and certainly not constitute a serious disturbance undermine anyone’s reputation”.

For the judge in this vein, the phrase “undoubtedly vulgar like ‘You can fuck yourself’ can take on an outrageous connotation when uttered within a institutional context, or in the course of debates (including online) with a cultural, philosophical or political content, or even addressed to constituted authorities or religious, but can be perceived as a mere joke when uttered among friends». Timely response from Codacons that “the Court of Rome therefore authorizes anyone to insult and offend, provided that the offense originates from a person vulnerable to provocation. At this point we will open a section on our website where anyone can prank or insult friends or relatives, but also politicians, VIPs, ministers, etc., without risking a crime.”

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