Fedez the Paladin this is how he becomes the vehicle

Fedez the “Paladin”: this is how he becomes the vehicle of social hatred against Anna Oxa

That too sanremo we got it over with. Mengoni won and it certainly can’t be said that it was a surprise. The singer from Ronciglione had been the favorite since the night before, or rather long before that. All this obviousness is very boring, which even televoting could not overturn. The ranking, as in the deepest Sanremo traditions, has been criticized and seen as wrong and we can stand here for hours and say that Giorgia didn’t deserve sixth in the table but that’s not going to change anyway. But there is one element in this ranking that bothers us and makes us think, not just about the space occupied, but about everything that has been generated around the artist’s character. She, Anna Oxa, she returned to the stage of the Ariston Theater a few years later and was almost “bullied” just because she was … Anna Oxa. And that’s why she won in many ways.

He didn’t wear couture clothes, he didn’t sponsor a brand, and he didn’t risk the coup at any cost. But on this stage, Anna Oxa brought what she was invited to: her voice. One may or may not like the song, but what the artist suffered is unfortunate. The malice surrounding Anna Oxa, as usual, found its maximum expression on social media, but “Mr. Ferragni” also committed to fomenting this climate of contempt around Anna Oxa. fedezWith a live broadcast following the night of the duets, he said the artist walked past him and Article 31 during rehearsals.

He did it in his social comfort zone because perhaps asking Anna Oxa for explanations personally was too strong for him. Better in front of a screen, yes, better in front of a screen tell and “fuck” without contradiction. “But don’t talk directly to Anna Oxa about it, will you, Federico? Let’s take the opportunity to play ai Paladinsshitting someone live without even hearing a reason,” one user commented. “Fedez has found that no one cares about his controversial bars, let alone his participation in the articles, so there when he doesn’t get any attention at all has cost he is not happy he fired this thing at anna oxa. But he must have done well not to screw you Federico,” is one social comment that captured the minds of many disgusted by such an attitude.

Anna Oxa is out of the social dynamic, she doesn’t have legions of followers ready to idolize her at every outing, and maybe even doesn’t care. She went to Sanremo to sing, unlike those who went there to gain followers (Intercom pink chemistry, always paired with Fedez). It wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t flawless, there wasn’t a song that did it justice. But to all the kids who freak out over the umpteenth autotune phenomenon, we ask, and we’d like an honest answer, if they think their idols could duet with the cello like Anna Oxa with her voice. Things need to be put back into perspective: there are artists, there are singers and then there are the unattainable.

And among them is Anna Oxa, in the company of a few. What the singer has suffered these days can be summarized with a tweet found on social media: “The hatred towards her is typical ignorant, which led to the deaths of artists like Mia Martini. The treatment reserved at this stage is very tasteless. He has a nightingale voice, Balkan melodies, ideal for Eurovision 2023.”