Fedez steals the show from Ferragni in Sanremo 2023 She

Fedez steals the show from Ferragni in Sanremo 2023: “She is black”. And he disappears from social media what happened

At home Ferragnez it doesn’t have to look good. It was going to be the Chiara Ferragni Festival, which she had been preparing for for months, and instead there was only talk of her husband Fedez. The most famous Italian influencer in the world, who had said no to Sanremo three times and now instead felt ready, who had written the monologue herself, the star who brought her 28 million followers to the stage, was overshadowed by the rapper who t even in the race. How is it possible? Stuff that would make even the best couples therapist look pale.

Fedez has once again – and it’s not known how or why they always let him do this – used public television for his shows. On stage, live on TV, in front of 12 million and 256,000 Italians, he made out with Rosa Chemical, a fluid rapper who landed at the center of controversy after a member of the Brothers of Italy argued over the lyrics of his song. Now, someone says everything is in place (among other things, he shoots a video of Faith talking about it with Rosa Chemical during an episode of her podcast, Muschio Selvaggio).

Clare’s lecture

Looking at Ferragni’s face in the drain running in the net, you wouldn’t think. Chiara calls her husband backstage and gives him a veritable lecture: “What have you been up to?” she would have said, as one would with an overly lively child. “It was black,” someone swears. How not to understand.

Fedez disappeared from social media

True or not, the fact is that Fedez has since disappeared from social media: no post, no live broadcast, no story. A bit strange, isn’t it? Or is that also part of a strategy? On Instagram she showed herself again with her sisters, her parents, in Latvian with her son Leone (did she throw her husband out of the room?). He, on the other hand, is silent. What happened? After the kiss gate in the TV footage, he seemed to have tears in his eyes, when will Chiara make him cry?

Rosa Chemical swears that “there was nothing prepared in that kiss. It was a performance, we are artists and that’s what we do. I wanted to send a message of love, freedom and equality.” And then he adds: “Chiara angry? I hope not”.

Fedez enters the stage (Chiara does not)

Of course he won’t be happy. Also because she will only remember a monologue that many call the “banalotto”, sumptuous dresses that carried a message about women (well done Chiara, well done) and the little lessons on how to create a direct Instagram might. End of the Sanremo experience. Fedez is also uncomfortable with politics: Berlusconi, Salvini, Rai. Yes, because the kiss was just the icing on the cake. Although Fedez did not participate, he was more of a protagonist than all the presenters combined.

First things first: he managed to be invited back by Rai despite the controversy sparked at the May 1, 2021 concert, when the rapper denounced her attempt to censor his speech in which he spoke to the center-right party and the League specifically accused of being hostile to the civil rights issue. On Wednesday evening, he subsequently appeared from the Costa Smeralda ship that was moored off Sanremo, and he did it again: during his performance, he even snapped the photo of Deputy Infrastructure Minister Galeazzo Bignami, disguised as a Nazi, for a farewell party at the celibacy. Déjà-vu.

Prime Time manager Stefano Coletta distanced himself. headlines. It wasn’t enough for him. On Friday he addressed the Prime Minister directly in a duet with Article 31 on the notes of “Maria”. And he yelled at her: “Giorgia, legalize it!”. Couldn’t it have ended here? Instead, the grand finale was missing: the kiss. Let’s hope he gets kissed again (albeit by Chiara).

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