Fedez now wants an Ong ship with a face printed

Fedez now wants an Ong ship with a face printed on it

Appear. At all costs. Turn any event, even a tragic international dynamic, into a gigantic advertisement. Fedez surpasses itself. And it demonstrates that the grotesque delirium of radical-chic omnipotence never ends. Yesterday morning the Milanese rapper had Cecilia Strada as a guest in his podcast “Muschio Selvaggio”. You don’t have to be the magician Otelma to understand that the topic of the conversation was all about migrations from Africa to Europe. Fedez, between serious and joking, announced he wanted “a ship with my face on it to help the NGOs. I want to see how much a ship costs, I want mine too, just to put my face on it and show it to scare people.”

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A hypothesis yet to be tested. Be studied with an accountant. Understand costs and above all benefits. A hypothesis that irritates the singer, however. Who wouldn’t want to stay a step behind Roger Waters, Banksy and Ghali. The latter donated a lifeboat to the NGO Mediterranea Saving Humans and, after a long stay on the construction site, took part in the Mar Jonio’s first mission. Banksy funded Louise Michel instead. Without forgetting the leader of Pink Floyd, who offered a large cash donation to the non-profit organization ResQ.

The ship that Fedez will be boarding in a few days to face a first-hand mission in the waves of the Mediterranean Sea. “In my opinion, it makes sense to come because I could give my testimony and show as many people as possible what they can’t see – judged Mr. Ferragni. I think that could be my advantage.” At the heart of Fedez’s bombastic exit is yet another attack on Giorgia Meloni and the centre-right government. It should be remembered that the thirty-year-old staged a dirty little theater during the last Sanremo Festival. He aimed at the Deputy Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Galeazzo Bignami. The photo of the exponent of the brothers of Italy was taken live in front of nine million viewers.

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Now the idea of ​​a ship with the face of Fedez imprinted in full view. A boat that sails the sea in search of immigrants to save them. The umpteenth outburst of an artist who is constantly looking for visibility. A rapper who, after laughing in the face of Emanuela Orlandi’s tragedy, today trivializes the migration drama. And he points the finger at a government that, in the indifference of the European Union, is trying to defend its borders and save thousands of lives at the same time.