Fedez: “I’m sick,” Chiara Ferragni cries, she can’t help it    Mezzokilo

Fedez: “I’m sick,” Chiara Ferragni cries, she can’t help it Mezzokilo

Unexpected scenes of the most followed couple on the net: Chiara Ferragni and Fedez together move everyone, this time it’s difficult to overcome.

Fedez and Chiara Ferragni make up the couple of influencers, and many other things that the internet follows the most. Born as a blogger, she met a rapper in 2015. Their relationship aroused curiosity right from the start, with many commenting that it was just advertising or a passing crush. Years have passed and the couple have come a long way to having two children and what seems to be a solid marriage.


Also drawn into the maelstrom of social media were their respective relatives, he and she, who gradually became influencers as well, each in a specific industry. Chiara’s sisters have made careers in the world of designer fashion, while Fedez’s father shows a certain agility in the kitchen. The couple also went through some dark and painful moments, like all normal couples; Ferragni’s husband’s illness and surgery are just one of the last obstacles to be overcome.

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez continue to amaze

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez have always brought people to debate for a variety of reasons, one of the consequences of media overexposure. The two lead lives divided between business and family, often greatly envied or at least for the part they choose to show off. The public has often wondered what the backstories of her personal life are, how the moments away from the smartphone camera lead. Often it is they who share moments of normal everyday life, but there is something that is rarely published: Ferragni in the kitchen.


One of the few times Fedez shared a video of his wife cooking dinner, it was really hard to resist. In fact, the start was not the best, even the cut of the onion indicated that among the many qualities of Ferragni, the culinary one is missing. After literally roughly slicing it, Ferragni wanted to fry it, but with no oil, thankfully Fedez manages to put her between a tease and a laugh. As the onion threatens to burn, the businesswoman runs to add the burgers, but at this point the onion’s effect begins to be felt and Ferragni’s eyes fill with tears. The husband can’t resist: “I’m sick,” laughs Fedez. The result is not nice to look at, at least we hope it will be good.