Federico skips his farewell to the show: “I disappointed Maria de Filippi, I made the wrong choice"

Federico skips his farewell to the show: “I disappointed Maria de Filippi, I made the wrong choice"

The interview with Federico Dainese after he left the throne to men and women.

Frederick Daineseinterviewed by Fralof for Donna Spia, returned to talk about his departure from dating show men and womenand explained the reasons that led him to leave the program.

Men and women, Federico Dainese speaks: ‘I think I let Maria De Filippi down’

Former admirer of Veronica Rimondi and then Tronistathe 25-year-old from Genoa, spoke of the inevitable differences and difficulties of living the experience on Red Square.

“I haven’t found love either way. Will it come? Let’s hope. The differences are that on the one hand you go down for one person and are 100% committed to them, on the other hand you have to be able to have separate feelings. I have left the throne because the real motivation is that I didn’t feel spiritually taken by either girl and I would have made a fool of myself first and made a wrong choice.

“I don’t do anything if I don’t have feelings, I felt something but not so strong that I could make a choice. I think I disappointed Maria De Filippi but unfortunately we are all different and I couldn’t have known how it would end. I would do it the same way again, maybe change some of my attitudes and smile a little less. To be good, you are considered stupid.”

Regarding the criticism, the former Tronista spoke Gianni Sperti which in part helped him better understand his journey:

“Gianni made me grow a lot. He told me that I was so superficial and only think about the aesthetic aspect. But that’s not the case, I want to meet a girl if I like her aesthetically. I don’t think I am 100% to blame for that, like when Elena accused me of not asking her anything, I replied that she didn’t tell me anything either, the fault was 50/50 beyond that, but I thank him because he made me open my eyes to so many things.”

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