Federico Fashion Style Lost 25 kilos And I havent had

Federico Fashion Style: “Lost 25 kilos. And I haven’t had panties since…”


The popular hairdresser hasn’t had an easy time, attacking his former partner Letizia Porcu again

Federico Fashion Style Lost 25 kilos And I havent had

Published February 2, 2023

Particularly complicated period e.g Federico fashion style. The hairdresser has separated from his partner Letizia Porcu After seventeen years together and reuniting with their daughter Sophie Maelle, things are harder than ever as the two ex-boyfriends are not on good terms. Plus the beauty expert did comes to Verissimo because, in his opinion, compelled by the declarations that third parties have made on his behalf.

In an interview with the weekly newspaper Nuovo, Federico confided in Lauri that he was very ill and in a bad condition even lost 25 kilos. A physically and mentally rather stressful situation that the judges of La Pupa and the Secchione are very tiring. Fashion Style has admitted she hasn’t said anything to her daughter, who is now five years old Cheerful.

Former candidate of Dancing with the stars He then revealed the drama he experiences as a single father:

“Letizia took all the clothes from our house away from the baby and moved in with her mother. He took away all certainties from our daughter, a real trauma for her. I’m not ashamed to say that I don’t have a change of panties for my daughter today. I would have preferred to find a peaceful settlement, but she wants to go to court.”

Federico Fashion Style vs Former Partner Letizia Porcu

One is expected between Federico Fashion Style and his former partner Letizia Porcu legal warfare. And the 33-year-old couldn’t help but throw a dig:

“For me, she will always be the most important person in my life. I see her bursting with joy next to her new partner and I’m happy for her, even though I don’t think she’s happy. In his heart he wants to continue to have good relations with me”

Letizia Porcu has been in a relationship with the DJ and producer for a few months vincent arena, until recently best friend of Selvaggia Roma (formerly Men and Women, Temptation Island and Big Brother Vip). The two were rumored to have met over dinner thanks to mutual friends and it was love at first sight for both of them.

stay instead single (but not chaste) Federico Lauri, who reiterated that to this day his only love remains his daughter Sophie Maelle, whom he had thanks to assisted reproduction. Three years ago, Fashion Style Letizia Porcu revealed that he’s gay, although he’s always been faithful (both physically and mentally) to the woman over the many years of their relationship.

If his personal life is struggling with a real earthquake, Federico Fashion Style can take solace Working full steam ahead: The young man has several active salons throughout Italy.