Federica Panicucci, Mishap on vacation: “We fled the beach”

Federica Panicucci, Mishap on vacation: “We fled the beach”


The presenter of Mattino 5, together with her partner Marco, reveals the discomfort that occurred yesterday in Forte dei Marmi due to the bad weather

Federica Panicucci Mishap on vacation We fled the beach

Published on August 17, 2022

Bad misfortune for Federica Panicucci and her partner Marco Bacini in Forte dei Marmi. The couple’s summer holidays will take place in the Tuscan city in the province of Lucca. Yesterday the weather was not at all favorable, so much so that they literally had to flee from the beach, where they were relaxing. The Canale 5 presenter reflects on what happened and she does it through her official Instagram profile.

“Here we are, we wanted to say hello to you, we have returned to Forte dei Marmi after the escape last night to Portofino”, so Panicucci explains the discomfort of the past few hourssitting at a restaurant table. They returned to the tourist town, where yesterday “the weather wasn’t the best,” as evidenced by the videos he’d been posting over the past few hours. At this point, Federica goes into detail by revealing to the public that she is following what happened yesterday.

“Well, a kind of hurricane has come. Eventually we ran away from the beach”

Now the presenter can certainly smile, but yesterday the fear of bad weather, which forced her to leave the beach immediately, was great. It’s not raining tonight in Forte dei Marmi so he can continue enjoying his vacation with Marco in one of their favorite restaurants.

Panicucci repeatedly tries to include the entrepreneur in this video message, who is apparently not a friend of social networks. In fact, Federica jokes about it: “We were eating and just wanted to send you a shout out. That’s all, especially Marco “.

Nevertheless, the presenter greets all viewers who follow her, to whom she sends “a super big kiss” and assures that she always reads all messages. It’s not Federica Panicucci’s first mishap he had to face this summer.

Before arriving in Forte dei Marmi, the couple enjoyed some relaxation Maldives. On this occasion, too, it was she who revealed the awkward situation they found themselves in. More specifically, they were forced to go without clothes for more than a day.

The reason? When they landed in the archipelago, they found that the bags had not reached their destination. A day and a half without his personal belongings, just a toothbrush.

Meanwhile, in the hotel room, he found a free t-shirt to use. Luckily it worked when he was allowed to take the suitcase.

Canale 5 viewers will soon be able to find each other Federica Panicucci on TV and not just on Morning 5. In fact, the presenter will be hosting the new edition of Back to School.