Federica Aversano returns to talk about Matteo Ranieri

Federica Aversano returns to talk about Matteo Ranieri

New Tronista of men and women, Federica Aversano granted a long interview to the weekly newspaper Di Più.

The girl who made a name for herself in the last season of the Canale 5 format is back on the show, this time in the coveted red chair.

Although men and women started less than a month ago, Federica has already become the protagonist of numerous clashes with Tina Cipollarias well as in the center of interest of Riccardo GuarnieriKnights of the throne over.

The girl, the baby’s mother Luciano GiuseppeSpeaking about her son’s father, she shared how the relationship ended when she was six months pregnant:

I thought I had found the man with whom I could build this complete family that I was missing. I was already expecting my baby at 25, but when I was six months pregnant, he retired. He didn’t want to take on the responsibility of a stable relationship. He was still my son’s father, but no longer my partner.

Federica he then spoke of Matteo Ranieri, the Tronista who courted the girl in the last issue of Men and Women. Though it seemed like a good feeling Matteo He chose Valeria Cardone:

Surely he could have avoided deceiving me, it wasn’t good behavior towards me and for that very reason it was a great disappointment for me