"Federal president sits on the longest branch"    VOL.

"Federal president sits on the longest branch" VOL.

08/18/2022 19:53 (act 08/18/2022 19:53)

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FPÖ candidate Walter Rosenkranz talks about his plans to fire the federal government.

Rosencrantz wants to inherit Alexander Van der Bellen as federal president. The 60-year-old lawyer and ombudsman will run for the FPÖ on October 9. He started his election campaign a few days ago with the words “Let’s get our Austria back”. On Thursday he was a guest of Vorarlberg LIVE. The liberal did not hold back from criticizing Van der Bellen and reiterated his announcement that he wanted to dismiss the current federal government. If a presidential candidate rightly wants to exhaust the possibilities of the constitution, there should be no talk of putsch.

without Rambo

The federal government has not guided the country well through the current crises – pandemic, war in Ukraine – in the last two and a half years. “It is not arbitrary. Of course I will bring the government to me.”

Individual members of the government must present their plans, only then will he decide: “I’m not interested in Rambo, arbitrariness and putsch. I’m accused of that. Instead, I want a factual solution and, above all, a decision. The term contains divorce – in the Austrian sense.”

When asked how things should go then, the lawyer replied that he would try to fill the deadline until a new election with a government of experts. The National Council would remain as it is. In conversations with party leaders, he then tries to work towards a new election.

However, the National Council can only be dissolved at the suggestion of the Federal Government. In this regard, Rosencrantz refers to the “time factor”. The federal president is sitting on the longest branch. Therefore, he would also accept the corresponding proposal of a government without support in Parliament. “If a federal government is in power and makes this proposal, then the National Council can be dissolved by the Federal President. Is that so.”

The Ombudsman also repeatedly criticized Van der Bellen in the conversation. “In my opinion, the wallpaper door should be opened more often in the Federal President’s office, and he should speak more about his thoughts than just at the opening of a festival or a New Year’s speech.”

Rosenkranz sees the fact that the federal president is the supreme commander of the federal army more as a symbol: “It’s more of an honorary title.” But the six months of basic military service should be better spent. For example, border protection is not a matter for the army, but for the department of the interior.

Leaving the EU as an option

Rosenkranz also likes to flirt with leaving the EU: “I can’t find any line of self-confidence on the part of the Austrian government for Austrian interests.” Other member states such as Hungary and Poland would be stronger here, as would Germany, France and Italy. The FPÖ politician criticizes Ukraine’s status as a candidate for accession: “Many principles have been thrown out. Be a part of it.” Rosenkranz mentions Switzerland positively: “It is not a member of the EU and is neutral”. You can see something there. The fact that Switzerland has, however, accepted EU sanctions is the Swiss way. Rosenkranz does not judge whether this is still credibly neutral. You don’t have to copy everything individually, but find an Austrian solution.

The FPÖ candidate appeased the plight of the Freedom Party. The facts were presented at the party presidency on Wednesday. Things of legal importance – including the anonymous complaint against the State party for possible misuse of funds – have not yet been conclusively evaluated. But the Freedom Party is united.

In the election campaign against Van der Bellen, Rosenkranz expects a second round: “Otherwise, the efforts would have been wasted and the incumbent would no longer be in office.”

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