1676293098 FBC Melgar without Bernardo Cuesta this Monday against Muni

FBC Melgar without Bernardo Cuesta this Monday against Muni

FBC Melgar without Bernardo Cuesta this Monday against Muni

Local. From 3:00 p.m. at the Monumental Stadium Arequipa, FBC welcomes Melgar Municipal. The scorer has to wait.

The name of Bernard Cuesta He wasn’t on the list of focused players who took to the field at the Monumental Arequipa stadium this Monday (3pm) and played his first official game of the year against Deportivo Municipal.

The explanation for his absence could be given in two ways: firstly, that the player cannot play a single game as an Argentine because he would stay that way for the whole year, secondly, that there could be good news about his nationalization soon and it will be about that going that I can’t wait to see it this year.

Last week the trainer, Pablo Lavallenindicated that the nationalization of Cristian Bordacahar is quite unlikely, leaving only Cuesta as an option to have one more Peruvian and only five foreigners in the team.

Another missing for engagement before the Ediles is Horacio Orzanthe Argentine has not been lifted the sanction for the accumulation of yellow cards he has been dragging since last year, today he faces a suspension date.

In this way, the possible eleven that Melgar will field this Monday has: Cáceda, Reyna, Ramos, Deneumostier, Galeano, Arias, Tandazo, Martínez, Bordacahar, Iberico and Magnín.

The only opportunity the Melgarian fan had to see the team’s performance was in a friendly they lost to Deportivo Pasto almost a month ago. Then other friendlies were played, but the truth is that the first impression was not pleasant. It was a good working day for the coach Pablo Lavallen can move their pieces well and choose an eleventh to get their first win in League 1.

Melgar and Municipal will almost be forced to jump onto the field this Monday because on the first date they lost another to Walk Over (WO) and lose the category. That’s why today’s win is urgent for both sides.