1673707945 FBC Melgar will not be televising its Red and Black

FBC Melgar will not be televising its Red and Black Afternoon

FBC Melgar will not be televising its Red and Black

the Administrator of FBC Melgar de Arequipa, Ricardo Bettocchi, reported that the presentation party of the domino It will not be televised due to the precautionary measure in favor of it Peruvian Football Federation (FPF), that suspends the television rights deals from GolPerú with different clubs league 1, including the Arequipeño painting.

It is recalled that the FPF indicated that the measure does not affect the opening matches, although the court document speaks of official and friendly duels. Bettocchi claimed that they would rather avoid televising to avoid violating the law. On the other hand, Alianza Lima, also affected by the regulation, broadcast its event last Sunday.

Melgar’s administrator defended the club’s contract with GolPerú. Although he acknowledged that the FPF owns the television rights, he recalled that previous broadcasting contracts included a preferential clause to renew in the face of a better commercial offer that GolPerú would have made.

Given the impossibility of broadcasting the presentation game on the so-called Red Black Afternoon, Bettocchi invited fans to go to the UNSA Monumental this Sunday. Domino will face sports turf from Colombia from 15:00 clock

On the other hand, last Friday FBC Melgar presented its main sponsor of the 2023 campaign, the bookmaker Beta. The representative of the company Carlos Moreno, He claimed that because of their good international campaigns, they were targeting the red-blacks.