1674390080 FBC Melgar and Binacional measure forces

FBC Melgar and Binacional measure forces

FBC Melgar and Binacional measure forces

The players of FBC Melgar j Binational sport They took the two friendlies they played at yesterday’s very seriously Municipal Stadium from Sachaka.

They didn’t give up the ball for a loss, attack was the best disposition of both teams, plus there was a strong leg and friction in various passages of the commitments.

In the first binational match, he took advantage Brayan Fernandez j Jonathan Murillo, The Melgarians’ reaction, however, ended in a 2-2 draw with goals Pablo Magnini j Paulo Reyna.

Melgar was originally formed with: Cáceda, Ramos, Deneumostier, Galeano, Reyna, Archimbaud, Arias, Martínez, Iberico, Bordacahar j Magnet.

The second game was a 1-1 draw, for Melgar scoring Bernard Cuesta and Binacional discounted with an own goal.

The second red-black formation had: Cabezudo (Farro), Cavero (Ayqque), Mifflin, Ibáñez, Rodríguez (Cervantes), Orzán, Gamero, Tandazo, D’Arrigo, Barreda j cuesta

In Binational the game is from Polar, Duran j Edson Aubert in the midfield.

When the tournament kicks off on January 27, there will be no more friendlies awaiting the debut, which sees both teams play at home.

The Arequipeños make their debut on Saturday 28th against Deportivo Garcilaso from Cusco in the Monumental of the UNSA and the Puneños in Juliaca the Friday before ADT from Tarma. All subject to the possibility of moving to the windy city.

No reinforcements are coming

Argentine media took the arrival as a fact Brian Faroli Al FBC Melgar. However, the midfielder will not be able to wear red and black because colon decided not to lend it due to the difficult social situation in the country.

The coach confirmed it. Pablo Lavallen Make sure the player has already signed for a team Argentina.

This would eliminate the possibility of further reinforcements arriving in Melgar, which already has six foreigners on its staff. They hope the Cuesta and Bordacahar nationalization comes out soon to evaluate a possible move by March 8, when the registry book closes.

On the other hand, La República learned that plans to play friendlies have stalled Bolivia were excluded due to the cancellation of the airport, and the weekend should also start league 1