Faustão’s son asks for sex and causes embarrassment

Faustão’s son asks for sex and causes embarrassment

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08/11/2022 09:50

The host Joo Guilherme Silva attracted attention in the issue of Fist in the band, on the night of this last Wednesday (10). During the participation of a specialist in gynecology, He tried to ask questions about the pregnancy and misunderstood.

The then heir of 18yearold Faust, surveyed health professionals about sex during pregnancy. “Is intercourse allowed up to the ninth month? How does that work?” he said, embarrassed by the reaction of his father and presenter Anne Lottermann.

Fausto then tried to soften the slip: “No, no, no”. The specialist, in turn, settled Joo Guilherme’s debts. Right, that’s right. Of course you have to know that. important. Sexual intercourse during pregnancy, normal. It will not “nudge” the baby, it will not cause problems during pregnancy. Sexual intercourse during pregnancy is strongly recommended,” she added.

Joo Guilherme Silva is currently dating 34yearold model Schynaider Moura. The relationship came to light earlier this year after several speculations and clicks that saw the two posing together online.

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