Faustão will have a reformulated program on tape and wins an audience goal  ig.com.br

Faustão will have a reformulated program on tape and wins an audience goal ig.com.br

Fausto Silva returns to the band's schedule in a daily program


Fausto Silva returns to the band’s schedule in a daily program

When Fausto Silva debuted with Band, it was just excitement: audiences on high, good reviews, big commercial earnings. But none of that was sustained in 2022. His last editions barely reached 3 points in the Ibope of Greater São Paulo and many cuts were made to the team to allow the attraction to close in the blue. But in 2023 everything will be different.

Sources from the channel’s top management told the column that everyone involved, including Faustão himself, had concluded that the program needed to be updated in terms of format. And new frames that are still in the finalization phase will be released in their live revival.

Another factor mentioned is that Faustão’s final audience needs to increase in volume. Firstly, because it is clear that the presenter is a pillar of Brazilian television and deserves more attention. And second, because any investment the broadcaster makes in its arrival must have practical implications.

A senior source told the column that Faustão’s goal in Band for 2023 is to get 5 points in Ibope. This is the minimum index that is considered acceptable for the attraction. And all sorts of weapons are used to achieve this.

Band, in contact with the column, said that no audience condition was imposed on Fausto Silva. But we will keep this information because our source was among those who took part in the talks about the new guidelines to be adopted.

Another key factor in the program’s financial health is the drastic downsizing of Faustão’s team. To get an idea, when it arrived at Band it had five cores and each was responsible for one program of the week. There was the Monday team, the Tuesday team and so on. Now it’s a team. And a lot of people were turned off.

Ballet also had to accept drastic cuts in December. But the group of dancers will return. In significantly fewer numbers than the previous one. And it’s still debatable whether or not some of the layoffs will return to the program this year.

Fausto Silva has signed a contract with Band until 2025. Therefore, there is time to find solutions and win back the presenter an audience commensurate with his weight and relevance on television.

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