Faustão leaves intensive care and heart transplant goes well, says hospital Splash

Presenter Fausto Silva, 73, left the intensive care unit (ICU) of the Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo. Doctors also reported that the heart transplant was progressing well.

“The patient Fausto Silva continues to develop well after the heart transplant that took place last Sunday (August 27) at the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein. Cardiac function remains normal and uneventful. Today he was moved to the half ward. intensively and continues the rehabilitation process.”

The statement was made by Dr. Fernando Bacal, cardiologist at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, Dr. Fábio Antônio Gaiotto, cardiovascular surgeon at the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, and Dr. Miguel Cendoroglo Neto, Medical Director and Hospital Services at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, signed.


“Just because I have money doesn’t mean I’m doing well.”

Faustão speaks after heart transplant Image: Reproduction/Instagram

Fausto Silva had been admitted to the intensive care unit (intensive care unit) since August 5th. First for Treatment for heart failure and dialysis, as well as taking medications to support the heart’s pumping power, put this treatment on the priority list. On August 27, the presenter underwent a heart transplant and is now recovering in the hospital.

According to Einstein, the São Paulo State Transplant Center contacted the hospital in the early hours of the same day of the operation to inform them of the new heart. After assessing the compatibility of the organ, the operation was performed, which lasted about 2 hours and 30 minutes. According to the São Paulo State Transplant Center, the system located twelve patients who met the requirements for a transplant that same morning. However, Faustão took second place among priority cases.

“You can ask whatever you want. I’m doing great. For me I would leave here tomorrow, I am amazed at my recovery. I have nothing to complain about. I only feel a slight pain in my back, it’s a detail compared to everything that happened,” he said in an interview with the column yesterday.

Very excited, Faustão only shared the feeling of having a new heart. “I feel like my heart is beating even faster, it’s a unique feeling. They had to remove a lot of junk from inside me and put a new heart in a 35 year old boy. It’s something that makes me feel very alive.”

When asked what his first thought was after waking up from surgery, Fausto often praises the doctors’ work and appeals. “My first thought was: I have to motivate people to donate organs. Brazil must be first in the world. There must be more projects. We need to do something to improve this and think about the next ones. We have to.” Use the belief in donations. If I didn’t have faith, I wouldn’t be alive.”

Yesterday I felt like I was having a normal day in my life. I sat, walked, talked. It’s absurd to be able to do all that. I just have to thank my doctors and SUS. All of this is also thanks to SUS. It’s not that I’m fine because I have money. Everything I’ve done will be done at SUS and that needs to be appreciated. It is important that everyone informs themselves about this and that will now be my task.