Fátima Cuéllar shines at jewelry photo session in NYC    El Salvador news    elsalvador.com

Fátima Cuéllar shines at jewelry photo session in NYC El Salvador news elsalvador.com

The former Salvadoran beauty queen continues to make a career in the modeling world in the United States as pundits proclaim her Miss Universe El Salvador 2023

Following the announcement that El Salvador would be the next venue for the Miss Universe international pageant, pundits, missologists and lovers of female beauty raised their voices to suggest that the country’s representative should be Fátima Cuéllar.

In light of this, the former Miss World El Salvador 2017 expressed her gratitude and emotion upon learning of the wishes of many in the know.

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On her Instagram account, she posted a few snaps from a photo session where she shows her full potential as a model.

“2023! I’m ready,” the release reads at the end. “I have tears of emotion in my eyes when I read all your messages. These photos are the result of a meeting of two Salvadorans in New York! 🗽 @kevinalexanderphoto ❤️ thanks for being awesome!” concludes the text.

There is no doubt that Cuéllar is a worthy representative of Cuscatleca beauty and one of her achievements to date is placing in the top 15 of Miss World 2017.

But if she has a lot of talent for this kind of competition, she also has a lot for modeling. Proof of this are the clips from the photo shoot in which she starred for the renowned New York jewelry store Gabirel & Co., which specializes in fine jewelry and diamond engagement rings.

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In the videos shared on the jewelry account’s Insta Stories, you can admire the beautiful Salvadoran during the photo session.

She looks so confident and is enjoying her job as a model as her career grows outside of Cuscatle’s confines.

Salvadoran model Fatima Cuellar poses for Gabriel & Co. Jewelry in New York. VIDEO: illustrative and non-commercial image / https://www.instagram.com/stories/fatimaculellar7/3017885903797375944/, https://www.instagram.com/stories/fatimaculellar7/3017975012851392265/, https://www.instagram . com/stories/fatimacellar7/3017984167767154593/

Seeing her like this, there is no doubt that beauty experts are not wrong in considering Fatima as the ideal representative of El Salvador in Miss Universe 2023.