fat phobia?  Don’t celebrate obesity, fight it!

fat phobia? Don’t celebrate obesity, fight it!

Our age has got it in its head that under no circumstances should one damage someone’s self-esteem.

To this end, she has declared war on all traditional models that are accused of discrimination and exclusion. This could be called the ideology of diversity.

And recently she has decided to expand to everything that affects the human body through a doctrine called “Body Positive.”


Basically, it’s about encouraging everyone to appreciate themselves for who they are.

The fashion industry has caught on and wreaking havoc as usual.

In the past it has tried to push us all to the brink of anorexia.

Today it’s going just as far but in the opposite direction, celebrating obesity with fascinating irresponsibility.

The newspaper Liberation recently reported on this, stating that after the liberation of the female body, it is now necessary to liberate the male body. Tomorrow we are encouraged to celebrate the model with a big belly!

The diversity ideology is now putting the “Großophy” to the test.

We should even sing obesity in the name of body diversity.

For example, last summer the Ministry of Equality in Spain ran an advertising campaign to say that the beach belongs to men and women of all sizes.

Problem though: It also estimated the most severe obesity.

How stupid. We must not sing about obesity, but fight it because, whatever one may say, it is a major public health problem.

It ruins the lives of those affected and places a heavy burden on the healthcare system that must be taken care of sooner or later, multiplying the likelihood of ending up on a stretcher.

It’s not about blaming fat and obese people. We are not all the same in this situation.

Some, and we all know some, eat whatever they want and never gain a pound.

Others aren’t far from swelling the first time they overeat. Not all are endowed with the same resistance to the stimuli of the banquet.


However, we live in a toxic, criminal environment of junk food and couch life.

However, it is up to each individual to choose an ethic of rational living, self-restraint. I will not let anyone say that it is not exhausting and even often painful.

In any case, this means rejecting the “body positive” and its false false comforts.

It also means doing everything possible to stay true to the adage that a healthy mind goes hand-in-hand with a healthy body. Neither anorexia nor overweight!

For the rest, elegance will do the job. Most of us look better clothed than naked. But we can all be elegant, or at least strive to be. That would already be taken.

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