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Fashion confirmed: We will stick to the New Year’s Eve look in 2023 The women’s fashion magazine

As the new year begins, two things are happening in particular on the fashion side. On the one hand, it’s time to look back, what are the fashion moments of 2022 that we won’t forget? Second, it’s the perfect time to look to the future. Tracking trends for the year ahead has never looked so good. And insiders expect: We will be using New Year’s clothing 2023 all winter and beyond. why elegant clothes, Sequins and high heels set the mood the current and upcoming season.

New Year's clothes 2023

A look from the Valentino Haute Couture Show 2023.

2023 is the year of elegant dresses

If on the last night of the year we wore something we usually never wear, a particularly spectacular sparkling sensual dress, now “sequins and heels are here to stay”. The 2022 fashion shows had already shown it to us, and the relevant Business of Fashion confirmed it a few days ago. “There Renaissance of evening wear initially signaled a desire to escape the pandemic, but designers and buyers say the strength of this category will remain strong throughout 2023.

Let’s take a step back, or to the current fashion trends. We explained it to you here, because this season fashion designers have focused their creativity on a body “bare to enact a phantasmagoria of flesh, a cornucopia of skins, a triumph of exposed, ostentatious, paraded anatomies”. And with that the Fall Winter 2022 2023 fashion shows They were what was most predictable: a downside of the post-pandemic era. On the runway, we saw a deluge of sensuality, sexy looks and curvaceous textures. And light, lots of light, sequins, glitter, feathers, foils.

New Year's clothes 2023

The one shoulder dress from the Michael Kors Collection Fall Winter 2022 2023.

Sequins and heels are here to stay

“The attack on formal wear began in response to the boom in weddings and galas that began in 2021 as fears of Covid-19 eased. But buyers, editors and analysts say there has been more. The pandemic has fueled a new one Passion for bold fashion that hasn’t been seen since the rise of streetwear and sport late 2010s”. Bof confirmed that he was talking about a strong and clear “change in mentality” that has also flooded street style like wildfire since the défilés.

“Occasion wear is now considered normal, whether it’s for lunch or a bachelorette party.” This is confirmed by Jodi Kahn, Vice President of the Neiman Marcus Group. We then became “trained” or whatever the pandemic brought us here. to live fashion again as a creative act, pure beauty. For yourself and for others.

Fall/Winter 2022-23 fashion: the trends

Has the Pandemic Killed Streetwear?

The question therefore arises spontaneously. However, fashion had already become more casual before 2020. Then, with the lockdown, certainty. Sneakers, leggings and loungewear were strong growth drivers for mass and luxury brands. Not surprisingly, the headline of an August 2020 New York Times article proclaimed “Sweatpants Forever.” There’s no doubt that when Covid-19 hit, this was pretty much the only clothing people were buying. The same (very strange) summer turned out to be a highlight for casual fashion.

“Revenge Shopping” has become the new mantra and already in spring 2021 dresses and sandals made a comeback. The half-time was long, but not too long and above all very tangible. Until last winter, when retailers struggled to stock their hottest stilettos. “The pandemic probably killed streetwear faster and in a more limited way.” As explained by Kate Hundley, a womenswear designer, Bof, whose latest collection she explained is “reinventing formal wear for a more discerning post-pandemic consumer.” And he rightly adds: “By now everyone had 100 jogging pants in 100 different colors. And now it’s the last thing I want to wear…».