Farewell to Claudio Pizarro: how much money did he earn in his last years as a footballer?

Farewell to Claudio Pizarro: how much money did he earn in his last years as a footballer?

Farewell to Claudio Pizarro how much money did he earn

On this Saturday, September 24, Claudio Pizarro said goodbye in the Weser Stadium Werder Bremen, a club where he is an idol and historic goalscorer. In addition to making friends with the likes of Arjen Robben, Philipp Lahm, Matt Hummels and Mario Gómez, who were present at his ceremony, his 21 years in Europe also enabled him to amass a large fortune.

The specialist portal capology He counted how much he made in his last 6 seasons as a professional soccer player. Discover all the details about the money received by the “Bombardier of the Andes” in the note below.

How much money did Claudio Pizarro earn in his final years of work?

The 2013/2014 season in which he had just won the Champions League and was staged by Pep Guardiola Bayern Munich, Claudio Pizarro He earned $4,699,585 while in 2014/2015 the last with the Bavarian team earned a salary of $3,706,828.

The forward later returned to Werder Bremen where he earned a total of $3,503,673 over 2 seasons. The following season he went to Colonia where he earned $1,982,512 and in his senior year to the ‘Greens ‘ returned. receives a salary of $300,229.

Claudio Pizarro won the Champions League with Bayern Munich in 2013. Photo: Champions League.

Hence, Claudio Pizarro In the last 6 years of his soccer career alone, he has amassed a net worth of $14,192,827.

How many goals has Claudio Pizarro scored?

In his 24-year career, “Pizarrinha” scored 340 goals, including 11 with Deportivo Pesquero, 28 with Alianza Lima, 153 with Werder Bremen, 125 with Bayern Munich, 2 with Chelsea, 1 with Colonia and 20 with the Peruvian team.

Claudio Pizarro is the fifth all-time top scorer for the Peru national team. AFP.

Farewell to Claudio Pizarro: complete guest list

  • SV Werder Bremen: Wiese, Vander, Mertesacker, Naldo, Prödl, Gebre Selassie, Frings, Fritz, Hunt, Baumann, Bargfrede, Junuzovic, Borowski, Niemeyer, Micoud, Jensen, Pizarro, Ailton, Rosenberg, Füllkrug, Bode, Eilts, Schaaf (trainers), Berger (Physio), Spleen (Physio), Munder (Kit Warden).
  • Claudius friends: Wiedwald, Borel, Silvestre, Hummels, Boenisch, Garcia, Mösmang, Neureuther, Baier, F. Kroos, M. Eggestein, Vranjes, D.PizarroWinterscheidt, Marin, C. Pizarro, Kruse, Ujah, Valdez, Bartels, von der Groeben, Kohfeldt (trainer), Kugel (physio), Lauerer (physio), Munder (equipment guardian).
  • FC Bayern Munich: Butt, van Buyten, Linke, Contento, Trochowski, Robben, Witeczek, Hargreaves, Schupp, Ottl, Pizarro, Gomez, Elber, Dax, Lakies, Lahm, Henke (trainer), Renker (physio), Binder (physio).

Claudio Pizarro was dismissed in proper style in Bremen’s Weser Stadium after 4 goals. Photo: @werderbremen