Fans of Gal Costa are still angry with the photo

Fans of Gal Costa are still angry with the photo posted on the singer’s Instagram profile: “We want respect! Observatory of the famous

Who follows the singer’s profile? Gal Costa On Instagram, the last publication this Thursday (12) was startled. The profile, which has been inactive since his death in November 2022, had a somewhat unusual update and caused outrage among fans.

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The published image, which angered netizens, shows a photo of the singer’s widow. Wilma Perillo, next to a dog. To make matters worse, even weirder, no caption was added to justify the post.

The last photo posted on Gal’s site informed of the wake and funeral. The previous two posts were the announcement of his departure.

“This woman cannot play with Gal Costa’s profile. It’s a lack of respect for anyone who’s a fan of the singer,” fired a follower of the site. “I think Gal’s page is fundamental to keep posting her stuff. To kill longing but this photo was unnecessary,” said another. “You came here to create a factoid, didn’t you, Wilma? Bolsominion thing really. Pay respect to Brazil’s greatest singer and her legacy. There is room for honors here. Not for this baseness you promoted,” commented another in a rebellious tone.