Fan Referred By Gusttavo Lima Talks About The Confusion

Fan Referred By Gusttavo Lima Talks About The Confusion

After New Year’s Eve beef, the fan was kicked out Gustavo Lima From a show in Fortaleza last Saturday (31), he decided to tell his version of what happened. ANDOn her Instagram, architect Virgínia Bandeira shared what has happened since that fateful day, reported what really motivated his reaction, saying that even his 13yearold daughter was threatened by haters.

“In light of the news regarding the episode on singer Gusttavo Lima’s show, I decided to talk about what really happened since only one page has been released so far. With a microphone in his mouth, he finds it very easy to say what he wants. I confess I didn’t feel like speaking out, but seeing the fallout of the case I decided to speak up,” she began.

The Architect then continued her outburst: “What actually happened was that I was outraged by the singer’s political connotation during the New Year’s Eve show, where he was paid dearly to have fun and ended up having to take part in a political act on behalf of an expresident who massacred like that the Brazilians. My reaction, and that of a few other people, was to put my hand up and do the ‘L’ for Lula,” Virgínia explained.

And he continued: “Because of that, he approached me right at the beginning of the show and said that I deserved the good and the good was him. At that moment, I repeated the gesture the “L” made. As if that wasn’t enough, the singer said he competed in the ‘Punch*ta Championship’ despite countless underage teenagers enjoying the show accompanied by their families, a total disrespect that only added to my outrage as I I have an underage daughter and I don’t want you to be around and see that,” he said.

Shortly thereafter, Virgínia suspects that she may have overdone her protest against Gusttavo Lima: “I was at a party where it’s normal for people to drink and I may have overreacted in my reaction to him and I’m humbled enough to acknowledge my excess. I am still waiting for the refund of the amount paid for the ticket, as he promised, and I guarantee that nothing will be paid for the inconvenience that the musician’s hiring has caused me and, consequently, my family,” he said.

Virgínia then revealed that Gusttavo Lima’s reaction against her sparked a wave of attacks: “I have a 13yearold daughter who gets abused on her social networks. Thank God I have people in my family and friends who support me fully. What happened to me can happen to anyone tomorrow in a moment of weakness.”

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The turn of the year was not as pleasant for Gusttavo Lima as the singer might have expected. That’s because the artist had to expel a woman from the audience his show last Saturday (31) in Fortaleza. A video circulating on social media shows the sertanejo on stage, upset with a girl after he paralyzed her presentation. At the time, he demanded respect and asked security forces to remove the person.

“Take them off or I will. Respect is the minimum, see buddy? You can’t buy respect, you’re born with it. And speaking of respect, you don’t have it,” said the musician. Then it is possible to see how a security guard arrives near the place to get the girl from space.

According to netizens’ comments on the profile “Renato Sertanejero”, which published the pictures, the girl allegedly threw a drink at Gusttavo Lima more than once, which irritated the sertanejo. In a second video, which would have been taken shortly before the sacking, the singer is sitting on the side of the stage talking to fans when he is hit by a water bottle. The object, as pointed out on the internet, would have been thrown by the woman.

So far, Gusttavo Lima has not commented on what happened. This column contacted the singer’s press office, who had not returned contact by the time this note was closed.

On social networks, fans of Gusttavo Lima defended the artist. “She reportedly threw a drink at him three times, the first two times he revealed it, but the third time he couldn’t do it anymore and he hit her and asked her to remove it. People are not educated,” one person explained. “People are really losing their hands! Remember Hugo whose face was cut off by a thrown cellphone? Gustavo is right, I always respect it,” said another.

A third agreed: “Sure he lacked courtesy and respect, he has to do that. It’s not because you’re an artist that you have to accept everything these clueless people do,” he shot. “He had the patience to wait the third time. Patience has a limit, the person has a unique opportunity to stay a few meters from the ambassador and make a box like that,” defended another netizen.

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