Family finds son missing at sea for hours how did

Family finds son missing at sea for hours: how did he manage to survive?

A family experienced horror after one of their members disappeared off the coast of Florida, USA, after being swept away by the current while diving, with no tracking system able to help pinpoint his whereabouts.

According to his relatives Dylan Gartenmayer, The 21-year-old was snorkeling along a reef in Key West when the strong current pulled him underwater and he lost sight of his friends and the boat.

After his disappearance, his friends began searching for him, and when they realized he hadn’t come out of the water, They asked the US Coast Guard for help.

VIDEO: Dylan Gartenmayer reunites with his family and friends

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As reported by CNN, the young diver, who has had experience since the age of 11, calmly and brilliantly coped with the situation.

He dropped the dive weights from his belt so he wouldn’t have to fight them, and as he tried to reach the nearest reef he found a piece of bamboo to rest on for a while before swimming another two kilometers back to the reef.

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After almost two hours her family and friends who toured the peninsula with the help of the Coast Guard, They exploded with emotion and joy when they saw him in the middle of the water next to a ball.

“I could hear the engines running, so I knew it was actually my grandfather’s boat,” says the young man.