Famed journalist dresses in mourning and gives heartbreaking news about his 6  year  old son

Famed journalist dresses in mourning and gives heartbreaking news about his 6 year old son

Posted in PROMINENTS on 08/18/2022 12:18

New York, USA.- Once again, the world of American entertainment has dressed in mourning, after a famous news reporter reported his unfortunate death Son, just 6 years old after struggling with a terrible condition. The communicator made the premise public via his official Twitter account. Twitterthis Thursday, April 18

This is the famous war journalist from NBC News, Richard Engelwho became famous United States of Americafor him Special coverage of the war in Iraqsince Baghdad. It should be noted that in 2008, based on this experience, the communicator published a book entitled War Journal: My Five Years in Iraqwhile writing the book in 2005, A fist in a hornet’s nest: On the ground in Baghdad before, during and after the war.

According to some reports, Richard’s son, HenryHe lost his life after fighting a rare neurological disorderknown as Rett Syndrome. According to the Mayo Clinicthis disease is characterized by affecting the development of the brain, resulting in the loss of motor skillsas well as the ability to speak, although this condition occurs mainly in the female realm, it can also affect men, as was the case with the little one.

As mentioned above, Richard Engel broke the news via his official Twitter account. Twitterwhere he posted a moving message about his little ones’ “contagious laughter” as well as the love shared by both he and the minor’s mother Maria Wald, which little Heinrich gave them back to a larger extent. Attached to said publication was a photo of the boy looking at the at that moment camera with his mischievous smile.

Our beloved son Henry has passed away. She had the softest blue eyes, a friendly smile and an infectious giggle. We always surrounded him with love and he gave us so much more in return. Mary and Richard,” Engel said.

Richard Engel reports on the death of his son

According to some data provided by Richard himself a few months ago; Henry’s health had deteriorated since the beginning of the summer as his muscles had started to contract involuntarily, causing some sprains or sudden movements, for which reason the little boy had to be hospitalized for six weeks hospital.

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